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Sim Reactivated

Posted on Thu Jan 9th, 2020 @ 5:35pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

Hey All,

Versailles is back in business!

Last year, Romulan Mimic Agents impersonated various Versailles personnel, and tried to take out the station.

However, thanks to some hard work by the entire crew, we were able to weather the storm, and develop a way to capture or kill the last of them.

Then the reason they were targeting our power grid became clear. A transport vessel dropped out of warp and *imploded*; the result of it activating a device.

An oversized, weaponized, Romulan Singularity Power Core.

Basically a black hole in a box.

Now unleashed, the black hole started to drag the partially-sabotaged Versailles into its maw. Bits were ripped off of the station, children were evacuated onto whatever ships were nearby, and waves of gravity washed over the station.

Some miracle work by our CEO allowed us to shunt every last scrap of power to the thrusters, and we juuuuuuust about made it; landing ourselves in a stable orbit far, far too close to the black hole, but alive.

The station is one step away from being a full-on wreck, though you couldn't tell from looking (because it looks like we took that step). Ceilings have fallen in, people are trapped, fires are raging everywhere, and a lot of people are panicking.

But at least you all have *great* job security. ;)

Summary: no Klingons, no Romulan Mimic Agents, no Assassins, just a wrecked station that's on fire, with a black hole out the window. Oh, and random systems will go on and off due to damage and the gravity well still warping the station, making it groan ominously.

See, even the *architecture* is tired of this.

Feel free to go ahead and log your displeasure, and the displeasure of your colleagues.

I am back full time now, and will receive JL requests at any time.

Let's fix this broken, burning tyre-fire and go for drinks. :D

Best Regards

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Discord: Sails


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