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Transfer of Command

Posted on Tue Apr 17th, 2018 @ 4:45pm by Sails-at-Dawn Mr

Hi All,

By now you'll have heard that Admiral Cerywyn has decided to step down as CO of Versailles, and that Captain Konuha will be leaving the XO post. We wish the former a peaceful retirement, and hope that the latter will continue to participate, perhaps in a less demanding role.

This means that both the CO and XO spots on Versailles were left open for a brief moment, and I am happy to announce that two willing volunteers have been found to fill them.

Both myself (Brigadier General Jonathan Grey) and your new XO (Captain Amanda Bleetman) are proud to serve as your new command team. I hope to meet you all soon, and that together we can show the galaxy that Versailles is here to stay.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer
USS Versailles

OOC: Your new CO and XO's Discord aliases are Sails and Puppy, respectively. :)


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Category: Sim Announcement