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Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn

Name Ky'La Tris De'Lenn

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Betazoid
Age 63

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 156lb
Hair Color Black Shoulder Length
Eye Color Hazle Brown
Physical Description Klingon Ridges not so pronounced. Sesual and well proportioned in every way. Strong for a woman, graceful and has two tattoos. One large Chinease Dragon on her back and one on her shoulder of her Klingon House.


Spouse None
Children None
Father To'Mach Son of House Mor'Lok
Mother Rianna Tris De'Lenn
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Charice Tristine De'Lenn Currently assigned to USS Hornblower as CEO
Other Family In Starfleet Engineering Corps.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Smart and Intelligent, quick to respond to damage and required repairs. Has a knack for finding bugs in systems quickly. Can be found in the holodecks attempting to improve on warp drive. Ky'La is very fast to fix even the slightest problem with out regard to her own health. She can be to devoted to her job to the point of forgetting her own personal safety.
Strengths & Weaknesses Brilliant in engineering, flight as in flying fighters, excels in hand to hand combat. Excellent tracker and tactician. Her only real weakness is her empathy. She can warn of impending danger and sense emotions. Overly strong emotions sometimes will raise her serotonin levels to the point where she might pass out. Yet she will use them when ever it is possible.
Ambitions To be the best CEO on the ship, fighter pilot and learn all she can. Wants to be captain but not of her own command because she insists on getting her hands dirty.
Hobbies & Interests Loves horse back riding, painting, tinkering in the holodecks trying new ideas for engineering. loves to be out in the open with her companions meditating and enjoying mother nature.


Personal History Ky'La was born on Kr’onos in the capital city. Her childhood was anything but normal. With both parents constantly busy, it made it a little harder to find quality time with her mother and father. Yet the times the were together were happy and fruitful. She had several pets including a pet targ, who she loved very much. Even though targs are used as food, because of her house’s status in the Empire, she was permitted to have one as a pet.
Ky'La is part Betazoid, her mother started teaching her how to use her abilities even though they were not as strong as her mothers. There was a range limit but with guidance from her mother, she became very connected to her abilities and surprised her parents with the strength she had developed. Ky'La started practicing with her first bat’leth at the age of 5 years old. She was taught by her father and grand father and became an excellent learner. She was also taught how to wield the d’tagh and several other Klingon weapons. She learned quickly and proficiently. Soon she entered into the best Klingon academy and excelled quickly in engineering. She learned every aspect of engineering including many of the Federation and Romulan ships of the time period. Of course these Romulan ships were ones that were either captured or damaged and salvaged by the empire to teach their students on their compositions and technical capabilities. She learned very fast and became most proficient in engineering for a child of her age. Her next program was battle tactics and strategies from many masters. Her mother taught her the art of psychology and ambassadorial tactics. But of course she rebelled at this but went through it just to please her mother. She won several contests and took champion standing at her first bat’leth tournament a year before her 13th birthday and was given a replica of the Sword of Kahless and a tiosk from her battle instructor. Her parents saw little of their daughter as her father was sent on an intelligence mission and her mothers ambassadorial duties doubled, so her grandparents picked u and continued with her studies. Her grandparents entered her into the Klingon intelligence school in hopes she would follow in her father’s foot steps. Ky'La thought her grandparents were crazy but once there she dived headlong into it. Even though she never became an active intelligence operative, she learned all she could about it just in case that one day it would be required of her to use them. When she turned 13, she was required by traditional Klingon rites to take the first rite of Ascension. She did and even though she was hurt she took the pain sticks and uttered no sound making her family very pleased. For a time, she struggled between decisions as to not wanting to become an ambassador, not did she want to become a Klingon intelligence officer either. She had her heart set on engineering. It wasn't long before her 15th birthday and once again by the Klingon traditions she would have to take the second and final rite of Ascension. This time with her parents in attendance she braved the pain sticks only as a warrior would and did not falter or utter a sound. That evening the House of L’Keth had a big banquet in her honor and it was there that her father gave her the baldric with the house crest on it. She wore it proudly and still does. Her grandmother gave her a jinaq, which is the Klingon symbol that a female has reached the age of marriage. E’Lor told her that it was given to her by her mother and should be passed down from mother to daughter and so on. With his feast and honors Ky'La had become a complete Klingon and was proud to carry the name of her house.

Ky'La went into seclusion as she honed her Betazoid abilities and practiced her Klingon defensive skills. She was joined by an honored Klingon master who also helped her train further in the Klingon ways of battle. It was here with an ancient Klingon historian that she learned all of her Klingon heritage. She embraced it to the fullest and in a sense she put her Betazoid half burred deep into her mind as she wanted to be full Klingon and not have to struggle with the weakness of being a half breed. In her eyes she was full Klingon and a Daughter of the House Mor'Lok and nothing more. A full Klingon Warrior and that was what she would declare for all time, or so she believed.

When she returned from her seclusion she joined the Imperial Klingon ship yards to construct the engineering sections of the ships. Using the knowledge she amassed, she learned new things dealing with the construction of the engineering sections she became one of many excellent workers and was honored in her field. She worked on all the classes of ships and quite by surprise she was given the rank of CEO in the fleet. Here she worked for the next 7 years learning and developing new ideas from old lessons learned.

With the news of the death of the current Chancellor, Ky'La's life and that of her family was changed dramatically. Her future seemed to disappear s the new Chancellor was sworn in and changes in the empire made life really hard. It was during this time that the Klingon civil war broke out and Ky'La served on her father’s ship, a N’evgar class as her CEO and CTO.
With what she learned from her studies, she was a valuable asset to the IKS L’Khar. Once the Klingon civil war ended she remained on her fathers ship and continued to learn and soon learned of the first Klingon to enter Starfleet. She conveyed her wishes to join as well but was told to wait. When the time came she would be allowed to join the Academy.

With the build up of Dominion forces in Cardassian space, and the second Kitomer Accord being reestablished, her parents moved to SB 211 near the Angolis Cluster and Tagra. It wasn’t soon after the move when her father’s ship was called to a station near Bajor where he was stationed with her. The fighting was fierce and soon there was an opportunity for an operative to go undercover to survey the Cardassisan ship yards so unknown to Ky'La, her father volunteered her for this mission. This mission was so secrete that it was deemed classified and she was quickly whisked away by a runabout without saying goodbye to anyone.

When she came back from this mission she was debriefed and had to go through many sessions of therapy due to the extreme violations done to her both mentally and physically. It was a grueling and trying time for her to recover but she did but not without the scars of battle.

Soon the Klingon, Federation and Romulan fleets joined together and took out the largest Cardassian ship yard inside Cardassian space and that opened the doors for the Cardassian underground to capture the Founder’s leader and end the long and bloody Cardassian war. It was now that she told her father and mother that she wanted to join Starfleet and they agreed. She joined the Academy, even though she was not 18 but older and with much more experience than her younger counterparts she did excel at the academy and was actually skipped a year. She flew through engineering, flight, and tactical with ease and was soon assigned to the USS Pharaoh. She was assigned to engineering and for some reason it was hard to adjust to this class ship. Not to mention the crew were not to happy with having a Klingon aboard so soon after the war. She was granted a transfer to the USS Artemis as her engineering officer. She found out that Starfleet ships were hard to adjust to so soon after the war, so resigned her commission and returned home to SB 211. She needed to unwind and reacquaint herself with her Klingon life and put the throws of the Cardassian war behind her as it was still very fresh in her mind. In order for her to be the Starfleet officer that was needed she had to restudy the works and what she had learned in order to return to active duty. Finally she was ready to return to Starfleet and resume her commission.

Upon returning, she was assigned to the USS Claymore, an Akira class beauty and she was so happy she dived into her post as engineering officer with such a love that soon she was made CEO with the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade. While serving on the Claymore, the ship was sent on a classified mission and as a direct result of this mission and the loss of her engineering staff in the encounter,sent her into a tail spin so she requested a transfer to the USS Triton where she took over the engineering spot and it worked well to her advantage as the captain of this vessel was a full blooded Klingon named K’Vas. He was her idol and soon became her love although he was spoken for. He taught her many things about the Klingon world and things that she did not know. On one mission, she did not know that she was the bait for a murder and was imprissioned in the brig on the Triton being accused of sabotaging her beloved Triton and murdering her captain. To be caged like an animal was bad enough, but to be accused of murder took the cake however when it was all over she was exonerated, and because of her devotion to her ship and her crew, the captain soon promoted her to the rank of Lt. Commander and that also brought honor to her house. For a Klingon to be promoted so quickly was honorable and deserved a feast but because she was not on the home world, it could not be done but her staff in engineering did provide a reasonable facsimile on the holodeck.

It was not long after this promotion that the Triton was sent on another mission to a planet called Serenity to build a base there. It was on one of the many missions from Serenity that the captain was lost and so was another dear friend, the XO, Sam. With the news of these two losses her world came crashing down around her. Two of her closest and dearest friends were gone and she was lost. Had it not been for Tanon, she probably would have folded into a world of dispair he did help her keep from folding up. Soon there was a new captain assigned as well as an XO and to say the least she couldn’t quite accept either of them quickly. They were somewhat naive of her qualifications and what her job involved but she did slowly adjust to them and soon were acquainted in several ways. Without her knowing, she was awarded the Axanar Humananitarian Medal for her efforts done on Serenity.

T’ Ky'La stayed on the Triton for a few more years while it was based at Serenity but being there and not out exploring and flying she grew tired and requested for a transfer. At that precise time there were no positions available for her in engineering so she went home and took care of her House and continued to pursue her life's dream of getting to warp 9.999.

About three years later she got a communique from Starfleet that a position had opened up on a new ship just commissioned, the USS Avenger, a Sovereign class ship and she jumped at the idea. Maintaining her current rank of Lt. Commander she took the chief engineering spot and reacquainted herself with the new ship and all its new oddities. Bio-neural gel packs were something she would have to get used to as they were organic in nature and there were other new additions to the ship which would take her a long time to get accustomed to. She loved the new ship and its captain. He was a Betazoid-Human mix and he was an understanding individual where he felt comfortable in talking to Ky'La when just talking to others would not suffice. On several missions, she was called upon to do other duties besides her engineering skills and her confidence grew in holding other positions when called upon. Her superiors, including her Executive officer were astounded with her knowledge of the other types of vessels of the area of patrols. With her knowledge of Klingon and Romulan and several other ships proved invaluable to them and the many successes of the missions Starfleet sent them on. It was on one of these missions that is still classified by Starfleet Intelligence she risked her life to save her command crew. She was injured during this battle and since then has recovered fully. While on the Avenger she met up with an old friend from Starfleet, who lived on the Indian reservation on Earth, and they enjoyed the hospitality of the elders and reservation. She grew to love the ways of the Indians of Earth and as a parting gift she was promised a pair of Grey Wolves once they were born. She was tickled pink for that and returned to the Avenger to wait for their birth.

Several missions later she got word that the pups were born and they would be shuttled out to her. She had told the captain and executive officer before hand and was granted permission to have them on-board so she prepared her quarters for their arrival. Thinking ahead, she constructed a special storage compartment for them which would be self sustaining in the event of evacuation of the ship and had it programmed to home in on the life pod that she would occupy just in case. The shuttle arrived and she hurried to receive her pets. She named them Lone Wolf and Sheba after their parents on Earth. They were so cuddly and healthy she hurried to their quarters and fed them almost immediately. They ate greedily and fell asleep in her lap. Ky'La was able to sense their feelings and it would be a god send later on as their tour on the Avenger continued.

During one mission the Orion pirates were raiding the trade routes that the peoples of Gamma Hormi use to trade with the federation. This fight would prove to be a battle to the end and almost cost her life. Somehow they beamed aboard the ship and attempted to commandeer engineering in order to get control of the ship instead of trying to get control from the bridge. She fought brilliantly and captured those pirates that invaded engineering. She was awarded the Silver Palm for her efforts.

For another year things went smoothly for the Avenger until she was sent on what would be her final mission before she would be decommissioned. The Avenger was dispatched to an armed conflict with several rogue factions that had banded together in an effort to capture and exploit the Solaris space station situated on the outskirts of Tarsus. This station was a prototype and not fully manned by starfleet personnel. The Avenger, being the newer of the ships was sent and upon her arrival she was ambushed and heavily damaged. Ky'La took control of the bridge commands from engineering due to the death of the captain and executive officer and defended the rebels who had attempted to commandeer engineering before she had them under guard. With the arrival of three Federation star ships the battle was quickly ended and the Avenger was towed back to Earth and hence decommissioned. For Ky'La to see another ship that she loved and served on towed into space dock was just to much for her to bear and she took a short leave of absence and headed for her friends reservation with her wolf cubs to recover. Before she left however she was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal for her bravery and heroism on this mission. Her mind was not really concentrating on receiving medals or commendations at this point. All she wanted to do was clear her mind and try to account for what had happened on this fateful mission.

Finally, once on the reservation she began to recover with the help of the Cheyenne peoples and her own mental abilities that her parents had taught her so long ago. Spending close to six months on the reservation she got word that a spot had once again opened up on a new star ship and she again felt the call of space so she went and was assigned as CEO but with a rank reduction to Lieutenant which she accepted and was summarily placed on the USS Pathfinder. It was a new ship of the line and much more different as she found out soon. In her eyes it was a flying aircraft carrier but bigger. She settled in with the wolf cubs who were now full grown and Sheba was very pregnant and would soon be giving birth. Her meeting with her new Captain was well received as the previous CEO had just departed as they left space dock for the next mission. She had high hopes that this ship would be her last for several years as she was tired of being re-assigned and wanted to settle down.

Well it just wasn't to be and yet once again she was pulled off the Pathfinder and held in limbo as Starfleet hunted for a place that really needed her. As it turned out, Starfleet found such a spot on the USS Versailles.
Service Record 4 years SF Academy
8 years on USS Claymore CEO
8 years on USS Triton CEO
10 years on Kronos serving the Klingon fleet
Returned to Starfleet and was assigned to the Intrepid class USS Avenger
Served 8 years on her till her last mission where she was towed in to space dock and decommissioned.
1 ½ years on the USS Pathfinder as her CEO and was suddenly transferred to SB211 For reasons unknown.

Claymore Medals Awarded
Starfleet Decoration for Valor:
Awarded for risking life and limb to defend and save her senior officers and ship from
certain death. (Mission still Classified by Starfleet Intelligence)
Purple Heart:
Awarded for injuries sustained in said Claymore Mission. ( Mission is Classified)

Triton Medals Awarded
Distinguished Service Medal:
Awarded for gallantry during covert mission to Romulus. (Mission Classified)
United Federation of Planets Medal of Honor:
Awarded to duty above and beyond the call of duty by saving ship and crew from assimilation from the Borg.
Axnar Humanitarian Medal:
Awarded for services rendered during the building and first contact of the peoples of

Avenger Medals Awarded
Star Cross:
Awarded for risking her life suing a mission against rogue mercenary ships in the
Beta Quadrant. (Mission Classified)
The Silver Palm:
Awarded for heroism during a battle with the Orion pirates attempting to gain control of
the Avenger.
United Federation of Planets Medal of Honor:
Awarded for gallantry and heroism with great physical harm to herself in taking command of the Avenger while her commanding officers were injured. Attempting to repair the engines she single highhandedly guided the ship to a safe port where the Avenger was towed into space dock and decommissioned.
Purple Heart:
Awarded for injuries sustained in the above battle on the Avenger. Being severely injured she showed command leadership in spite of her injuries.
Medical Record Ky'La is cleared for duty. She has her share of wounds from several missions. At the moment there are none that have not healed and would be debilitating to keep her from her position in engineering. Mentally she does have her problems with her empathy and at times it can be overpowering when in close quarters with others. An example would be if there was extreme pain from members of her department or others. She can at times sense deception and danger and can also sense pure evil. This is something that can not be explained as yet but it can hamper her but also at the same time can save lives which she has on several occasions.