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Captain Jackson Esposito

Name Jackson Lee Esposito Dr

Position Commanding Officer

Second Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 35

Physical Appearance

Height 6 foot
Weight 180 Lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Jackson stands at around six feet, broad shoulders semi-long hair. Deep blue eyes and scars and cuts all over his arms. On duty, he wears a standard-issue medical uniform with a black medical lab coat. His hair is always up in a tight quiff. Off duty he wears mostly black, with a few different colors thrown in blues and reds. He always wears boot regardless of hes on duty or not. He always has a phaser attached to his side no matter where he goes.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Edward Esposito
Mother Serren Valarie Esposito
Brother(s) Lucas Esposito
Sister(s) Sarah Marie Esposito

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jackson is a fair man with a heart of gold, Coming from a starfleet family background has allowed him the grace and decorum of those before him. As a leader he is empathic, fair and even a little kind. Due to his years of service he has come along way from the young ensign he was once. Stillwart in the face of danger, hardy and battle-hardened. Jackson is man who puts the needs of many above the needs of the few, as a man of starfleet he keeps his word and is loyal to his cause.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Good Medical Knowledge
Hand to Hand Combat
Armed Combat
Fast Response

Superhero Complex
To Caring
Temper issues
Ambitions To serve the federation to the best of his abbillity
Hobbies & Interests Reading
Medical Experiments


Personal History Jackson Lee Esposito was born and raised in San Francisco, To parents who were both starfleet medical officers. Jackson grew up mostly on ships, whilst being born in San Francisco, he lived most his life in the vast expanse of space. His parents were first staioned on the USS Dumlow a galaxy class ship, He and his siblings grew up wanting different things in life. Jackson always wanted to go into medical, his brother Lucas wanted to go into the marines, his sister wanted to be a councillor.

I started my education at the academy at the age of 16, majoring in all the medical sciences, he was one of the top his class. He had previous qualifications from college in health and social care. He passed his classes with full honors in medical sciences. His first assignment was to the USS Saratoga a miranda class refit where he was the chief medical officer with a rank of ensign. This was during a time of peace for the federation.

He remained with the saratoga for a further 2 years, where he gained his first loss of comrade. During his time on the sratoga on an offworld mission his friend grant wilson was killed in action trying to save the life of a small child in the field. Jackson was the nshipped off to the Galaxy class Dumlow to takle over from his father who was due to retire in 2 days after he got there.

He took over the dumlow as her chief medical officer and attained the rank of lieutenant junior grade, it was during this time he was approched by starfleet medical corps to lead a ship in the near future and they would put him through his command trianing.

Now back at the academy he went through a short course for command, upon graduating he pakced abaord the starfleet medical vessell the USS Tadros, a nova class ship that was stationed out by the romulan neutral zone.

After two years and a promotion Jackson was assigned the USS Bolton a refited ambassador class medical refit, designed to be a fast response medical vessell.

Now after another year he has been promoted to lt commander and has been rushed straight to starbase 99 Versailles to assist in medical relief effort.
Service Record Starfleet Acadamy
USS Saratoga
USS Tadros
USS Dumlow
Command Training
USS Bolton
Medical Record Broken Arm (healed),Cuts and Bruises.