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Versailles Sim Report - September 2020

Posted on Tue Oct 6th, 2020 @ 5:28pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

=^= Versailles Sim Report: September 2020 =^=

*** Contents ***

- From the Desk of the CO
- Log Quotes
- Roster Changes
- Log Summaries
- Logging Stats

*** From the Desk of the CO ***

Hello everyone,

The sleeping beast that is Versailles has stirred amidst the autumn leaves, casting a lazy, predatory eye upon the single-digit log count of the summer.

We've seen some great material come flying out of our finely-honed log machine this month, and I predict yet more acts of premeditated literary brilliance to come.

Currently, our grand Wheel of Misfortune orbits a black hole. This peels away panels and NPCs with gay abandon, which might be great for our Chief Engineer's job security, but does no favours for our resale value.

Which is why, in the month to come, we'll be moving even closer to the border; summoning a mixed fleet-of-fleets to drag Versailles into warp, and to drop us off in orbit of the iceball currently known as Rogue 17.

This frozen hell is soon to be filled with Klingons, Romulans, and whatever mixed melange of malcontented mongrels constitutes the Federation these days.

So, you know. Park facing out the way you came in.

- Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

*** Log Quotes ***

"Think of me as a PR Firm."
- Fvaiduk: Being a Smooth Operator

"So it is our job to keep the peace and not create rebellion or a war between species."
- Aleethia: Winning Diplomat of the Year

"The dapper man slowly sipped on his drink, watching not so much the dancers as more the group of ladies that walked in."
- Fvaiduk: The Ladies Man of Versailles

"What the f*ck have you f*cked up this time?"
- Fvaiduk: Saying Out Loud What Picard Thought Every Time Wesley F*cking Crusher Appeared.

"Hokk...for whatever reason it didn't handle warp travel, or being in space."
- Fvaiduk: Forgetting He's On A Space Station.

"Bandits learned not to act cross with me after the Badlands."
- Ly'thy Sareil: Resident Badass

*** Roster Changes ***

New members:
- Chief Science Officer: Lt Cmdr Ly'thy Sareil

*** Log Summaries ***

Resident deal broker Fvaiduk met with financial powerhouse Li'ara Fide and Religious Icon Tee-Sara. Despite claiming not to be a broker on both occasions, he still managed to land a pair of extremely lucrative deals for mercenaries and weapons & armour, respectively.

Fvaiduk later touched base with Feen, one of his operators. It seems Feen had received an indecipherable message from a region of space coveted by Delaney Truffault; someone who often contracted work to Feen via Fvaiduk. They later met up, where Fvaiduk blackmailed Feen into his service via dark secrets.

Meanwhile, in the spindle, our newest Diplomatic Aide met her new boss. Hitting it off on the right foot, Aleethia was quickly entrusted with handling a key business deal between a Bolian Ambassador and a consortium of local colonies.

Near the top of the spindle, our new Chief Science Officer met up with the CO. After a chat about the plans for the station's future, they shot the breeze for a minute about the station's warp cores, and wrapped up in short order.

*** Logging Stats ***

Command Staff
- CO: BGen Grey: 4 logs
- XO: Cdre Bleetman: 0 logs

- CE: Lt Cmdr De'Lenn: 0 logs

- CSO: Lt Cmdr Sareil: 1 log

- CMO: Lt Cmdr Houston: 0 logs
- AMO: Lt Cmdr Jordan: 0 logs

- CIO: Maj Thrix: 0 logs

- DA: Lt Jg Sacraterra: 1 log

- Handyman: Fvaiduk: 4 logs

USS Bolton
- CO: Cptn Esposito: 0 logs
- CSEC/Marines: Lt Cnl VonHeymann: 0 logs

=^= The End...Until Next Time =^=

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer
Starbase Versailles


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