Versailles Sim Report - October 2020

Posted on Sun Nov 8th, 2020 @ 1:19pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

=^= Versailles Sim Report: October 2020 =^=

*** Contents ***

- From the Desk of the CO
- Log Quotes
- Roster Changes
- Log Summaries
- Logging Stats

*** From the Desk of the CO ***

Hello everyone,

As noted on Discord, October was a little slowed than we'd hoped. I won't challenge people for their reasons, as I am as much to blame for the lull as any of you.

Instead, we should simply class October as a "Versailles Vacation", and come back with a vengeance in November.

To celebrate our triumphant return to form, I'll be sending out starters over the course of the week, and aiming to get the next plot log out within the next few days.

If people have ongoing challenges that prevent them from writing long logs, I do encourage people to consider short log-ettes of 2-3 paragraphs.

For folk who cannot manage even that, I ask that you try to find time to message me on Discord. This simple act is the difference between LOA and AWOL, and yes that includes Civilians.

- Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

*** Log Quotes ***


*** Roster Changes ***


*** Log Summaries ***


*** Logging Stats ***

Command Staff
- CO: BGen Grey: 0 logs
- XO: Cdre Bleetman: 0 logs

- CE: Lt Cmdr De'Lenn: 0 logs

- CSO: Lt Cmdr Sareil: 0 logs

- CMO: Lt Cmdr Houston: 0 logs
- AMO: Lt Cmdr Jordan: 0 logs

- CIO: Maj Thrix: 0 logs

- DA: Lt Jg Sacraterra: 0 logs

- Handyman: Fvaiduk: 0 logs

USS Bolton
- CO: Cptn Esposito: 0 logs
- CSEC/Marines: Lt Cnl VonHeymann: 0 logs

=^= The End...Until Next Time =^=

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer
Starbase Versailles



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