Specifications - Starbase 99


Starbase 99 Versailles at 3200 m x 3200 m is the first in a new class of Space Station consisting of a central hub plus two habitat rings.

The Central Hub is restricted to Starfleet personnel only, and houses Cargo Bays, Shuttle Bays, Flight Decks, Starfleet Departments plus the Station Operations Centre ('Ops'). At the top of Central Hub is the main landing pad, where the USS Cerberus is maintained.

The surrounding habitat rings provide the living areas of the Starbase, including stores, bars, restaurants, recreation facilities and many personnel quarters. Civilians are permitted in all areas of the habitat rings, except for the eight primary docking ports (one on each quarter of the habitat rings) which are restricted areas.


Class Versailles
Role Starbase


Length 3200 meters
Width 3200 meters
Diameter 3200 meters
Height 2000 meters
No. of Decks - Habitat Rings 200 x 2
Central Hub 2000 meters high
No. of Decks - Central Hub 500
Landing Platform 1066 meters