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SD241809.23 | CO USS Job & CO USS Alliance | 'Transfering Refugees'

Posted on Sun Sep 30th, 2018 @ 6:18am by Lieutenant Colonel Kate Nixon

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: Mid Point between Ya'dalla and Versailles
Timeline: Current

They had been towing the cargo vessel at sunlight speeds for almost a week now. The rescued children onboard, getting more and more restless. As far as they where concerned, their 'captors' had changed from Orions to Starfleet, and while they didn't have shackles on their feet anymore, they where still confined to cargo pods and living in cramp quarters.

On the USS Job, Lt. Colonel Kate Nixon stood at the Mission Operations table to the aft of bridge. She monitored at the sovereign class USS Alliance, dropped out of warp and pulled along side them, dwarfing them. They immediately hailed the Job.

Letting out an exhausted sigh, she scratched her adams apple and glanced over at the main view screen. Watterson knew that the upcoming conversation wasn't likely to be enjoyable. She checked that her strawberry blonde hair was wrapped tightly in a bun atop of her head, straightened her com badge, she needed to look pristine.

"Ops, I'll take the incoming transmission in the Ready Room." Kate departed the bridge, picking up the transmission in the small Ready Room that adjoined the corridor outside the Bridge.

The face that appeared on the screen was a familiar one, Captain Peter Nixon, her Father. A man, who for all his faults, she still held close to her heart.

"Hi, Dad." she began, the Captain on the other side of the screen nodded back at her. "How have you been?"

"Katie," he responded. "I am well. Congratulations on your command. I am sorry that I haven't been able to see you in such a long time." He broke a smile across the visual channel, something that he would likely never do in person. "Would you like to come board and brief me on the situation?"

Katie shook her head, "Sorry Dad. I can't right now. I unfortunately have to about turn and head back to Ya'Dalla. It is such a mess down there, right now."

"I understand Katie. My executive officer has received all the information from your teams, we'll be ready to start transporting the refugees from the cargo vessel in the next few hours. Then, we will scuttle the ship and transfer our passengers to Ya'Dalla."

Katie nodded back at the screen, "That's great. Thank you for your assistance..." she paused to reflect on the situation, "Dad, you know if we weren't in the middle of this mission right now, I would absolutely look to have a catch up with you."

Peter chuckled, "Don't worry Katie. You can catch up with me on Versailles when this is all done, we're not due out at Horizon for a while yet. Let's get this done and we can chat then, yes?"

"Perfect" she responded, and resuming a more professional stance, after all she was a Marine and the man in front of her did out rank her. She continued a bit more sternly, "Well, Sir. Once the handover is complete, we'll be on our way."

"That will do Colonel. Thank you."

That must of been the longest chat we've had in years, she thought to herself. "Right, back to work."


Lt Colonel Kate Nixon

Captain Peter Nixon,
CO, USS Alliance


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