Relaxing in quarters

Posted on Tue Jan 9th, 2018 @ 9:13pm by 1st Lieutenant Merlar R'heil

115 words; about a 1 minute read

Merlar had just gotten back from duty, she needed time to relax.
She paced about with her feet, and her tail wagging as usual.
Mer just felt exausted but she managed to grab herself some caitian juice to cure her dry mouth she looked out the window into space just dreaming the rest of the night missing home on Cait. She decided to take her uniform off and go into caitian civi wear, and get more relaxed,on her bed to fall asleep and dream home on Cait,and hoping to find the right guy,or Caitian by herside. Mer then laid down and fell asleep on the bed for the rest of the night.



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