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Moving House - Part 1

Posted on Sun Aug 12th, 2018 @ 5:30am by Lieutenant Commander Richard Groves

250 words; about a 1 minute read

The computer chime increased in volume from a gentle beep, to something akin to a Red Alert klaxon. Richard, a 30 something human, originally from downtown Trilista, pawed at his bed side table and just managed to tap the controls to cancel the alarm.

With huff and a gruff, he swung his legs out of the covers and onto the floor, narrowly missing the head of his much loved red setter, Luna.

"Alright, girl. Up ya get. Let's go for a run." Richard lifted his grey sweats from the previous day and slid them up his legs, before grabbing an equally old and equally grey t-shirt and pulling it over his black hair.

At 5ft 9ins he wasn't the tallest of officers, but he had managed over the years to build a big enough stride that he could run a 10minute mile with the best of them.

After a quick protein snack for himself and a doggy treat for Luna, he began his run.

The main door of his quarters slid back, with the swoosh that was common on all starfleet ships, to expose a dimly lit residential corridor on board this Sovereign class vessel.

"We're still in night mode Luna, let's go back to bed", he looked down at his trusted companion, who with a low deep bark grabbed the hem of his right leg, gave it a motivational tug and began her walk without him.

Richard shook his head with a chuckle and began to jog after the dog.


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Tags: walking the dog, night time

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