Moving House - Part 2

Posted on Tue Aug 14th, 2018 @ 1:19am by Lieutenant Commander Richard Groves

195 words; about a 1 minute read

As Richard and Luna arrived back at the entrance to 'their' quarters, the lights on the deck gently raised from night to day mode. It was 5.30am, and Alpha shift where due to come on shift in the next hour and thirty minutes.

As the doors slid behind them, the dog made a beeline straight for her bed in the living area and Richard tossed his grey t-shirt to one side and made his way to the shower. Just as he lifted his towel, the beep before announcing a message.

"Lieutenant, the Commanding Officer would like to see you in the ward room, 30 minutes before duty call."

As the warm hum of the sonic shower kicked in and he stepped inside, he took a moment to savour the feeling as it washed over his body. He knew he should really be hurrying.

About 10 minutes later and throughly cleansed he returned to his sleeping quarters, a freshly clean and pressed security division uniform awaiting him.

"Right, Luna. Suppose I should get dressed and see what the skipper wants. Eh?" He shrugged when the dog didn't even acknowledge him, she was too busy sleeping off their run.



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