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Fixing a hole

Posted on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 @ 2:59pm by Major Orin Thrix & Lieutenant Grimbat Klinx

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Starbase Versailles Intelligence Office
Timeline: Current

"Not only is the universe stranger then we think, it's stranger then we can think"
-Werner Heisenberg-


It was a confusing day. fighting the hustle and bustle of navigating the corridors of the station that was barely there. It was 1 step away from having to be abandoned. Everything was in a disarray. And the worst part, very little worked. We had life support, gravity, lights, minimal power for non essential systems......and that's about it. The day so far was a lesson in how to get from point A to point B in the station on time, without personal injury, disfigurement, or death.

This was Orin's 4th change of plans to get to work. Twice he was either stopped by a completely jammed corridor fire door. Or a Jeffries tube that was really mangled. Once, he opened a fire door to find a force field. On the other side of it was open space where the corridor should be. All in all, this day was turning out to be filed under WHY BOTHER in Orin's mind.

After about an hour and a half of trying on what should have taken 5 minutes, Orin finally reached his destination. The officer was clearly marked INTELLIGENCE. Orin was home. He took a deep breath almost scared to walk through the office door. He took a moment to bolster courage. Then walked through.

The room was in not bad shape considering the shape of the station. There was slight chaos. But other then that, it was nothing like General Grey's office. Orin decided he would take the win and shut up.

The office was empty. with the exception of one man way back in the corner. He was in a smaller office in the room. ( there were several smaller offices, all with glass walls. ) The office the man was in had writing on the door. It read ENCRYPTION. Orin walked up to the smaller office.

The man in the office was a Denoblian. He was sitting at his desk and seemed to be talking on his computer with the office door closed. Orin knocked on the door and the Denoblian signaled him to enter the office. Orin caught one side of the tail end of the conversation, as the man was wearing an ear piece.

"What? I can't hear you Charlie I.....What? No, this is a really bad connection." He paused for a second. "No I said BAD CONNECTION. Not Spacial reflection. I.........What?" another pause. The Denoblian signaled Orin to wait a second more. "No Charlie. Look, I got to.......Yeah. But I need to......Right, but I.......Okay. I.......What?" It was then then the lights dimmed almost completely shutting off. And the computer the Denoblian was using shut down completely. The man took out his ear piece and threw it across the room.

"Cheap piece of crap." He said. "Always remember, your equipment is made by the lowest bidder. Who are you" He asked Orin.

Orin looked at the man. He noticed Lt pips on his collar "Well lets play a game. It's called lower rank says who they are first....I believe your up Lt." He said pointing to his Major's oak leaf.

"Yes, I am Lt Klinx. I am your Chief Encryption officer. And right now, Acting Chief Intelligence Officer. Now, can I help you sir?" He asked.

"Well Lt Klinx, you are no more the Acting Chief Intelligence Officer. I am Major Orin Thrix. I AM the new Chief Intel Officer." He said.

Klinx looked at the man with great surprise. "Really?" He said. "Oh Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." He sounded so happy. "I thank you. My 3 wives thank you. My pet Argosian ground squirrel thanks you."

"Okay, I get it." Said Orin. "But your still my Chief Encryption Officer." He said.

Klinx cleared his throat. "Actually sir, I'm the ONLY encryption officer. And truth be told, right now, I'm your only staff."

"Oh Goodie" Said Orin. "Okay, pressing matters. They are?" He asked Klinx.

"Right now, to many to list." Klinx said almost ready to duck because he was certain Orin was going to take a swing at his for being the bearer of bad news.

"Of course." Said Orin. "Okay, this is what I'd like you to work on. I need a permanent birthing for a small freighter on the station. Find it covertly and make the renter of the space a company called Galactic Overhaul. It must be in the civilian areas. Can you do that?" He asked.

"I will try. It will certainly be a challenge." Said Klinx.

"Good. Now, lets get to seeing what we can do about making this into an intelligence office. And, I'll see about getting us an actual staff." He said as the 2 men started getting to work.



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