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A Conversaion of few Words

Posted on Fri Jul 17th, 2020 @ 2:38am by Civilian Fvaiduk
Edited on on Fri Jul 17th, 2020 @ 5:30pm

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Lizzie's Bar

=/= Begin Log =/=

As you walk past the shipyards you could hear the soft boom boom, not from work being done on ships, but from heavy base behind somewhat sound proof doors and walls.

The sound was coming from a dingy looking store front, on the left was a full size women neon pink lights, on the other side just a face of a women, again in neon pink. Than in neon blue, above the door, in a punk-ish font read Lizzie’s Bar.

The inside was like any gentlemen’s club, poorly lit, but this one had some bizarre warmth to it, luckily the lighting helped warming the place up. Above came the soft white light, from below a soft neon-pink and the wall art, anime-ish graffiti were similar colors but in pastels. Just inside the door a small podium stood, and behind it was a very unique blue-haired female, waiting to greet you, and will scan you to make sure there was no weapons on the person.

The club had a small balcony, just big enough to have a few tables as it wrapped around the whole club making sure that every table had a good view of the stages. The main part of the club was booths, the stages for dancing and finally the bar.

Taking a slow long drag off of his fumella cigarette, the extremely dapperer dressed man watched one of the main stages, enthralled by the dancer, there was something magical about her. Right away he knew she was Rihannsu, but there was something else, he just couldn’t put his finger on it.

It was rare for him to not know what was going on around him at all times, but it was like this dancer was a old-Earth Siren, but instead of music she used body movement to enthrall her victims. “Isn’t she something,” a soft but, slightly off voice said. Unlike most people who would’ve jumped at the sudden voice, this man just took another drag off of his cigarette his eyes never leaving the women.

“She is quite stunning,” even though he was still watching the dancer, it felt like he was looking at the neon-blue haired women that sat across from him. The neon-blue haired women slowly twirled some liquid in an interesting martini shaped glass, watching him, watching his mannerisms and movement, noticing that each and everyone was precise and premeditated. Nothing he did was ever done without a million little directions of all the reactions that might happen.

The man gently tapped his cigarette and finally looking at the women across the table from him, slowly brining the cigarette back to his mouth he took another drag, studying the women, “it appears we are similar,” he said simply, like they had met before.

“Indeed,” the women said turning her slightly, so she could admire one of her better dancers, ‘…we both watch people, just long enough til we know what they are gonna say, think and even do before they even know it,” the women said looking back at the man, “it is how we survive, it is how we learned to survive and it’ll also somehow be the death of us,” she said eloquently as she took a sip of her drink.

The man just continued to take long drags, crossing his legs as he looked at her and back to the dancer, she was right this was how they survived, and that it would be the death of them, as it would most likely be someone close. Finishing his cigarette and considering lighting another one, but thought against it, his mind pondering next moves. It had been now a few months since he had arrived, and frankly not a whole lot has been done, besides setting up some small smuggling deals with the Syndicate.

Truffaut was smart, knowing that Farius Prime was home to many many big crime families, but like every where the Syndicate was always there, not necessarily beating out the competition but somehow always on top. So, it would’ve been stupid to not figure out a deal with the Syndicate, especially as something as simple as shipping, well in their case smuggling. And, with having someone on Versailles the gateway to Nimbus III the small smuggling operation become much easier.

But, that wasn’t the goal of sending someone to Versailles, it was more, expansion into the oddly unlawful area of the universe. And, frankly this place was the perfect place to do that, question was, what is the best way to achieve said goal. The women just looked at the man, before realizing she had to attend to some of the other guests in the club. “Please continue to have a good time, if you need anything please ask for me, Evelyn Parker, I am the hostess of this lovely establishment,” the exotic blue-haired women said, as she stood up leaving the man to enjoy the shows.

The man just simply nodded as he watched her leave, a name, at least he had a place to start, and just as he was about to light another cigarette and continue to watch the intriguing Rihannsu, but it appeared her set had finished her set, and well the man had other things to deal with. He stood, and left a tip on the table and quickly slipped his blazer back on, and his snake skin boots lightly tapped against the bulkhead as he walked out of the club.

=/= End Log =/=

Civilian Fvaiduk
SB Versailles


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