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To know or not to know, is that the question?

Posted on Sun Aug 9th, 2020 @ 11:57am by Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr & Lieutenant Shr'Nesh Karadis

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Security department
Timeline: Current.

Finchley and Karadis walked in silence back to the Security department. As the entered Finchley's office, Karadis picked up a cup and threw it at the wall. As it impacted it smashed into lot's of small pieces.

"What the...." Finchley began to say.

"Did you hear him!" Karadis yelled and pointed back out the office door, "Do you think the syndicate came here on a whim, do you think they just decided by chance that Versailles would be a wonderful place to set up shop for no fucking reason???"

Finchley was busy looking at the shards of what was once a cup.

"Hoy, idiot, are you listening to me?" Karadis yelled some more.

Bending down to pick up some of the larger pieces, Finchley replied "I think Sirius De Jong is listening to you right now, without the aid of a microphone or any other device right now....and he's in Yellow Sector."

"Don't you be patronising to me right now you fucking halfwit!" Karadis boomed.

"Emmm, hello, Senior Officer here..." Finchley said "I don't think I'm being the patronising one."

"Shove your rank up your arse Finchley, this situation goes waaaaaay beyond that shit" Karadis replied "we went to the CO's office with a genuine, going concern, one with facts, one with proof, and he..."

"That'll be the General" Finchley interjected quickly.

"...HE" Karadis took up again, hardly missing a breath "treated us like morons.....'there's no-one that I can think of who's coming here'..." she mimicked of Grey.

"That gimmickry's insubordination" Finchley began to reply.

"WELL BOLLOCKS TO YOU INSUBORDINATION YOU BLOUSE!!!" Karadis yelled "I'm the one with my arse in the sling, I'm the one who's infiltrated into the syndicates inner circle and I'm the one most likely to be killed...oh, not right away, oh no, it'll be 'The Collective' all over again only this time it'll be just me being tortured slowly!"

"Take a deep breath" Finchley said, now having found most of the big pieces of the cup shards. He rose, walked to the replicator, placed the pieces inside and had them recycled.

"We both know the syndicate have gotten wind of something happening here, that's why we were chosen by Starfleet Intelligence to go after them, find out just how much they knew" Karadis said "we now know that they know enough to move up their plans by two weeks, know that they know enough to send a psycho squad here to set up a presence and spy don't do that unless something BIG's happening! We" she added, gesturing between them both maniacally "know the syndicate know something BIG's going to be happening here soon, but from that fucking meeting, I think the General thinks we're to lowly ranked and insignificant to inform!"

"He'll have his reasons Karadis" Finchley said by way of trying to calm her down "he doesn't need to explain anything to us, 'if' we need to know anything, he'll inform us when he thinks the time is right. We'll just have to carry on doing what we're doing and reporting back, there's nothing else for it."

"...and in the meantime I go back and walk the tightrope between syndicate insider/enforcer and deep cover Intelligence operative" Karadis replied, spitting the words out with disdain.

"Yes!" Finchley said with conviction "we chose to do this kind of work" he added "these are the breaks. I trust you to do the job you're doing."

Karadis walked up to Finchley, and through gritted teeth said "I trust you alone, but bare one thing in mind. We trust each other, but as far as I'm concerned, the General doesn't trust either of us. If this situation goes tits up, just remember this, I warned you...." and with that she stormed out of Finchley's office, heading back to the danger that was the syndicate...


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