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SD242012.15 - Duty Log - CEO & Guests - "Bloody Australian Baffoons"

Posted on Tue Dec 15th, 2020 @ 3:31pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn

579 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: Escape Velocity
Location: Engineering Simulation Lab
Timeline: Current


Ky'la was beside herself. Four Australian engineers were arguing that the stress points were correct while the simulations clearly stated the exact opposite.

"You idiots, your math is wrong. The stress points are incorrect and the simulation shows you that! How stupid can you be?" Ky'la yelled. "Look you baboons, watch the simulation with your stress points and see what happens!" she bellowed!

The four engineers watched as the simulation began. They started talking among themselves as the simulation continued. Suddenly, two of the stress points began to vibrate and began a cascade effect as two more, then three, and so on until the points pulled themselves off the station causing it to founder and break apart. The results were devastating and the loss of life unbelievable.

"SEE I TOLD YOU!!!!" she growled. Ky'la was now livid with anger and rage. These idiots were going to tear the station apart with their wrong math and ideas.

"Crikey!" exclaimed the tallest, his shoulder-length surfer's hair swishing aside as he hurried outside the half-Klingon's reach. "This Shiela's goin' crook on me!"

"This Shiela's gonna snap you in 'alf if you keep callin' 'er a Shiela mate." stated a shorter Australian with dark brown hair, slapping his tactless colleague across the back of the head.

*mutter grumble*

"What was that?" inquired the brunette.

"Nothing. Sorry boss." said the blonde, attempting to look contrite.

"Sorry's right. Look, Commander," began the head australian engineer, "our simulations were based on Versailles *before* it fell down the dunny. The Admirals sent us the specs and the latest reports back before we left Earth, and that's what we used. If that's wrong, then the plan needs to change. No sense going off when we've hard yakka, right?" he said, making an appeal to calm.

"I told them back in Starfleet command that the stress points were wrong from the get go!! Look, we need to get this figured out within three days, that's 72 hours! If any of you high and mighty surfboards screw this up again I will personally cut off all your hair!!!" Ky'la grumbled. Pulling up her figures on the simulation, she reprogrammed the stress points and set the whole thing in motion again. "Now, watch the simulation," she said pointing out that the new stress points were holding steady. "See, now that is pulling the station on more of an even steady pull, causing equal stress on all points. That is what we are after....not what you had before," she added. Rolling her eyes at the incompetence of some people, really got her goat.

"Dardy. We were right drongos." agreed the blonde, nodding his head in an effort to show willing.

"Garbage in garbage out, mate." snarked the brunette. "Not our fault the reports were furphy."

"No drama." replied the blonde, a caution to the brunette and a reassurance to the loud, angry half-Klingon Commander. "So, we've got a new plan. Let's crank that through the ol' wireless, get the sign-off from HQ, and grab us some tinnies, eh?"

Throwing her hands in the air, Ky'la growled and before she could say anything, her combadge intrupted her telling her tgatva power tap was locked open and the plasma was flowing 120%........"Fek'lar, bloody hell. I gotta go, you bafoons get your asses in gear!" she bellowed and stormed out headed for the promenade.

=^= End of Log =^=

Lt. Cmdr. Ky'la De'Lenn
Chief Engineering Officer
Versailles Station


Australian Engineering Team
Warp Engineering Specialists
Starfleet, Earth


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