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SD241804.18 - JDL - BGen Grey, RAd McDuffy - "5th Fleet command change"

Posted on Sun Apr 29th, 2018 @ 5:17pm by Rear Admiral Thomas McDuffy & Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

783 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Timeline: A few days before YaDalla had its first earthquake.

=/\= USS Lincoln - 3 days from Versalles =/\=

Tom threw the padd down on the desk in front of him in disgust, the frustration clear on his face.

He looked up at his aide "Damn them." He slammed his fist on the desk. "Transferred, can you believe it? They just recalled Starbase 99's Commander and XO of the station."

He pulled up the station's manifest on the screen in front of him "and to make matters worse I have 2 choices to assume command; myself or assign it to a god damned ground pounder."

Well one thing was sure they weren't parking his ass behind a desk on a station in the middle of nowhere.

He looked up "Dismissed Ensign" He announced tapping the screen to opening a subspace channel to the station for the attention of Lt Colonel Grey.

After several minutes the screen changed "Lt Colonel Grey I assume." He started, a very small smile appearing on his troubled face.

A head of hair on the screen twitched at the noise, and one very tired marine peered up at the monitor. After taking a moment for his bleary eyes to resolve the Admiral's pips, Grey was suddenly awake. He shot upright and blinked his eyes widely to try and wake up faster, the imprint of a padd still fresh on the man's face.

"Admiral. Good morning. Afternoon. Yes." he told the screen, his brain still waking up. Reaching to one side without taking his eyes off of the flag officer, Grey retrieved a cup of cold coffee from the night before and gulped it down. It was really, really terrible, but at least it was caffeine.

Tom peered at the screen trying to get a reading on the man in front of him "Colonel I am sorry to wake you however I have a bit of a problem which you are in a position to help me with."

"Yes sir." Grey replied on automatic, starting to warm up. His sluggish thoughts stirred faster under the hood, neurons shrugging off their metaphorical duvet and staggering into the metaphorical shower. Two meaty hands made fists outside the view of the camera, opening and closing to quicken his pulse and root him in the moment.

"I'm awake sir. How can I help?" he added, feeling a lot more like himself.

He nodded and relaxed a little "Commodore Kraat'Loss and Captain Konuha have both been reassigned by Starfleet Command, I believe the Commodore has already left the station" He paused for a moment tapping the screen "As of this moment you are the new Commanding Officer of Starbase 99, the file I have transmitted contains your orders and your promotion to Brigadier General"

Grey blinked.

"Sir, I think you have the wrong man. This is Lieutenant Colonel Grey. G-R-E-Y." he eventually choked out. "My record includes assault, mutiny, destruction of Starfleet property, a two-year Absence With Out Leave, and probably other charges too." he trailed off, deciding not to mention that one time a brain operation left him without a moral compass for an entire assault. At the time he'd been the XO of an armoured battalion, and his men hadn't been the most ethical marines, so things had gone bad quickly.

Not that he'd been caught. Being evil hadn't made him stupid.

Tom stared directly down the screen "I'm well aware of your Record and trust me you were not my first choice but needs must and thankfully you were not the last guy on my list or we would all be up a creak" He paused "Congratulations General Grey just do me one favour?"


"Don't screw this up." He replied "Because I don't want to have to bust you down to private." Tom almost smiled slightly "Now I'll be arriving at the station in 48 hours I expect you to have everything under control by then."

"Yes sir." replied the newly-promoted General, recognising an order when he heard one. He made a note to consult with the MEU's two Marine Captains before heading out, as it wouldn't do to get a handle on the station's affairs, only for the MEU to crumble in his absence. He smiled at the disingenuous thought, for it would take more than the loss of one egotistical marine for the MEU to fold. His Captains were too good for that.

Tom nodded "Good luck General I will see you in two days" He hit the button to end the transmission "I hope i haven't just a monumental mistake" He muttered turning his attention to the next order of business.

=^= End of Log =^=

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer
USS Versailles


Rear Admiral Thomas McDuffy
Commanding Officer
5th Fleet
Flagship - Uss Lincoln


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