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Midnight over Bourbon Street

Posted on Sun Apr 29th, 2018 @ 1:10am by

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Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: The Memory Den

The Memory Den allows loungers (patrons) to access a collection of memories of individuals usually someone famous or the complete opposite of the usual lounger (patron) wanting to play within a selected memory.

Upon entering the Memory Den, there is the main room where the bar and veil dancer stages were. Past the main room was a large hall filled with memory loungers (private rooms).

In the back was a lab where the memory creations were created by doctor Amari a minder/holo-faker. Across the hall from the lab is Chamilla’s living quarters her room is filled with Silver Shroud paraphernalia.

Chamilla was behind the bar leaning against the back counter watching some of the new veil dancers. She picked up a tumblr with a clear liquid taking a sip as someone walked up to the bar and sat down. "What can I get you?" Chamilla asked as she slipped her ran in her back pocket.

"Give me your best Draylaxian whiskey." The very dapper looking man said with a smile that said "You'll be making a deal with the devil." Chamilla nodded as she placed a tumblr on the bar before looking at the bottles behind her.

"A 2234 was a excellent year." Taking the bottle down she poured the man two-fingers and slid the tumblr to the man. Picking it up and swirling the dark amber liquid. As he took in his surroundings and the young girl in front of him. Chamilla watched the man closely as a uncomfortable feeling started to creep over her.

"Whiskey a good honest drink." The man finally said as he took a sip of the expensive whiskey. The man then readjusted in his seat to look at the dancers. Watching him watch the dancers made that creepy feeling even bigger.

"Would you like a private dance?" Chamilla asked looking at the girls regretting offering the man that option but that was only one of the things they offer at the The Memory Den. The man took another sip of his drink before turning back to face the young girl.

“No that’s fine……actually I am meeting someone.” The man said looking around the business unsure of exactly what one would call this kind of establishment.

“Okay……well let me know if you need anything else.” Chamilla said not enjoying this encounter at all and also feeling that there was a storm coming.

Propriter of The Memory Den
Starbase Versailles


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