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SD241804.27 - PLOT LOG - "Announcement"

Posted on Fri Apr 27th, 2018 @ 9:31pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

764 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

=^= CO's (Temporary) Office =^=

The desk beeped, and Grey fell down.

"I'm coming! i'm coming!" he declared, pushing himself up off the floor and vowing to have sharp words with the people who kept coming into his tiny, temporary office and dumping more and more padds all over the place. He literally did not have the time to read even a significant *fraction* of all this, and yet people insisted on throwing it all at him.

Eventually, the beleaguered General found his way to his desk and fell into his chair. After inspecting his desk console, it turned out that this pitiful beeping was hiss desk's way of alerting him to a Code Red Maximum Urgency Dire Emergency communication from YaDalla. Vowing again, this time to sort out the settings on his desk, Grey straightened himself and hit the "accept" button.

"Commodore, I...wait. Who are you?" said the Governor, the very instant her face had appeared on the desk screen.

"I am Lieute...Brigadier General Grey, Commanding Officer of Versailles. And you're not the Governer of Versailles, though you are using her comm codes. Emergency codes." he cautioned the strange woman, not recognising her face.

"Newly-elected. You should have received a data burst." she chided him in turn, still trying to stop her nose bleeding with a hastily-snatched tissue.

"I'll find the burst later. For now lets assume we're both who we say we are and get down to things. What's the emergency?"

"Earthquake. Bad. some dead, lots of wounded, worse on the way. Will you help us?" the Governor rattled off, eager to get his answer and get on with making sure her colony didn't fall apart.

"Yes. Send me the data, we'll crunch it and send help." Grey replied, equally brief.

"Thank you General." said the Governor, authorizing the data transfer and closing the call in short order.

Marines, like all Starfleet personnel, were trained to handle a crisis. True, the sort of crisis a marine might face was usually different than the sort of crisis a scientist might face, like a horde of screaming barbarians over the nearest hill, but then scientists had to deal with more black holes than marines did so it probably evened out in the end. The point was that going from zero to fifty was a thing that emergencies did, so even though Grey's blood pressure wasn't doing him any favors right now, he was able to roll with things.

It took a minute to verify the governor's identity, another three minutes to derive useful information from the data dump, and a final minute to compose his thoughts.

Five minutes after the Governor's call ended, Grey was tapping his comm badge.

"All Starfleet Crew, this is General Grey. An earthquake has struck YaDalla, causing serious damage. There may be more, soon. All station staff, prepare to receive refugees. There will be wounded. Security, I want as many people as you can spare distributed across YaDalla. Find looters, dig out the buried, and basically help their emergency services. Medical, send some of your people as well. The number of wounded on YaDalla is going to rise, sharply."

"Ops," he continued, "coordinate evacuation efforts. Find people in danger and get them out of there with the station's support ships. Coordinate with Yadalla Flight Control, and any other vessels that can help out. Tactical, keep a sharp eye on the refugee ships. With our support craft away, someone might try to take advantage. Discourage this. Violently."

"Science, get down to the YaDalla and figure out why on earth these earthquakes are happening. Fix it if you can, predict the next hit if you can. If you can't, or if you have spare people, assist with the refugees on the station, or the rescue efforts on the planet. Find someone trapped, dig them out, slap a bandage on, and smack anyone trying to mug them."

"That is all."

Grey closed the transmission, paused, and addressed the ceiling.

"Computer, bundle the YaDalla data dump and send it to all Starfleet vessels in range, as well as any ambassadors on the station, along with this message:"

"This is General Grey, Commanding Officer of Starbase Versailles. I am announcing a cataclysm-level seismic event on the Federation colony of YaDalla. Dozens are dead, and thousands will soon follow. If you can help, or know people who can, I urge you to reach YaDalla with all possible haste to assist in the rescue efforts."

"Thank you, and Godspeed."

=^= End of Log =^=

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer


Claire Freemont (NPC Grey)
Governor of YaDalla


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