NCC - 86105
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SD241809.22 || Joint Duty Log || "Line in the Sand or Treaty Drawn?"

Posted on Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 @ 11:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Richard Groves & Lieutenant Colonel Kya'shina Tenatha

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: Enroute to MEU Office

The hum of the turbolift as it swept downwards through the shafts of the station was the only thing breaking the awkward silence. Groves scuffed his feet on the floor, humming some archaic movie sound track from earth's 20th century. He rolled his head on his shoulders, stretching out his neck muscles.

Finally, Richard decided to break the silence, an began by offering a handshake to the Lieutenant Colonel standing beside him. "Colonel, Richard Groves. Chief of Security. I look forward to working with you".

"Lieutenant Colonel Kya'shina Tenatha," she introduced herself in turn, nodding once as she took his hand. He would probably noticed that her faintly red skin felt hotter than most other beings' though not enough to burn. "I look forward to working with you as well. I believe it's important that Marines and security when posted together are able to work well together. Divide and conquer, as they say. Divided, we are weaker. Together, we are stronger. Do you agree?" Her dark brow arched slightly. She was a straightforward woman. No use dancing around things, eh?

"Wow, you are really hot" blurted Groves, "... uh sorry, I mean your skin is very warm." He recovered, taking his arm back to his side. "Yes, my dad always said, 'Collaboration not Competition' was the key to success all round."

The doors slid open as the turbolift came to a halt, and a young Catarian ensign entered, taking up the space between the Commander and the Colonel. The latent purr of the species oscillated in time with the movement of the lift.

His outburst had caused her brow to rise and lips to purse slightly with amusement, but she didn't make any comments on it. His clarification was useful, although she and her twin sister had grown into physical beauty in a stark environment, so she was used to such outbursts meaning something else and usually coming with something that required her to break a nose.

At least this wasn't that.

As the ensign stood between them, she chose to hold her tongue for several moments before she spoke again, "Your father sounds like a wise man, then," she said, briefly and idly wondering what it was like to have a father. Or to know them, at least. "I haven't been on board so I've only caught up very briefly on the situation with the refugees. Perhaps you could fill in the blanks for me, Commander, with the shanty town and what we expect from the situation."

"Ah, well. The blanks, there is a lot of them right now. Could take me a while to explain them all to you, coffee in your office maybe?" He smiled at the newcomer, before continuing, "We're expecting upwards of 10,000 refugees from Ya'Dalla, currently crammed into whatever ships where available. Working in conjunction with engineering we've set up a make shift town on the lower ring. Converted a number of Cargo Bays to hold people, and include some recreation space..." he paused cocking his head to the left, "if you could call it either recreational or space, I don't know."

The hum of the lift changing with the change in general travel and the Ensign between them shifting umcomfortably, snapped Groves back into this thought, "Sorry, yes we have set up a number of make shift micro-homes for these people. Think 21st Century caravans, Engineering have done a great job actually."

"I'm sure they have. They usually do," Kya said thoughtfully. "I can see the security challenge in all this. I can certainly help place Marines at sensitive areas to help ensure the safety of those spots and the station."

"That would certainly be of help, shall we couple one Marine with one security officer?" He smiled at her, but turned his head to face the turbolift doors as it came to a halt. Milliseconds later the doors slid open. "This is my stop. I'm meeting with the Engineer crews at 16:30 hours if you'd like to review everything that we have put in place."

Kya nodded. "I would," she said, following him. "The more information we have, the better. And one to one sounds reasonable."

Groves strode down the corridor checking the numbers of each of the compartments, "I know this is the right deck..." he turned to look over his shoulder, noticing the Lt. Colonel was following him. "I need to check in on my dog, Luna, make sure she has settled in."

He paused, turning to look at opposing doors. "Are your quarters on this deck too? I'm sure I was placed around here somewhere."

The Sal'kiiran woman looked around briefly. "This deck, yes. Not this section," she replied. "I'm afraid I won't be much help finding your quarters. If you like, however, I can meet you again later to discuss the plans and what you've already put in place for the incoming situation?"

"Yes. Sorry, that would work perfectly. If you give me 30 minutes, I can meet you in the main Arrivals section. I'll ask Lt. Martin to meet us as well." Groves smiled, offering a formal handshake to the Colonel, before departing into his quarters.


Lt Cmdr Richard Groves
Chief Security


Lt Col Kya'shina Tenatha
Marine CO


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