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SD241810.13 || Joint Log || MEU CO & NPCs (Grey, Groves, Niva) || "...You are Going to Find It"

Posted on Sat Oct 13th, 2018 @ 2:24pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Colonel Kya'shina Tenatha & Lieutenant Commander Richard Groves & Lieutenant Commander Irja Niva MD & Master Sergeant Dene'thala Tenatha

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: Starbase Versailles
Timeline: Immediately after "If You Look for Trouble..."

=^= Tenatha's Office =^=

Medical had been first to arrive, but a pair of security officers had been just moments behind them. Once the doctor cleared the two young girls to be moved, they were taken to the brig. The colonel assured them she would be there shortly.

Kya had taken a few moments to straighten her office and shut the busted hatch, and she was just heading out the door when her sister came barreling in and nearly knocked her on her ass. "Watch where you're going, ack'kaat'ji!" The name was spoken too quickly and too fiercely for any translator to catch up, but Dene'thala of course recognized it for what it was. It was, roughly, translated to, 'you bull-headed buffoon.' Also known as something Kya had called her twin for many years.

Brushing past her First Sergeant, Kya started for the brig. Dene kept up. "How are you so calm?" the more impetuous of the pair hissed. "These two little gee'fa broke into your office."

"They didn't cause me any harm, or even the office," the colonel replied tightly.

"What if they had?!" Dene said, her voice rising before she caught herself and lowered it back to a hiss. "What if had been more than fireworks and pepper? What do you think would happen to me if something happened to you?"

Kya growled low in her throat. "If that was really a concern, then we shouldn't have become Marines, should we?" she growl-snapped back, teeth baring slightly like an animal. "Keep your mouth shut and let me handle this. I'm not going to clean up any mess you make down here, got it, Sergeant?"

Dene inhaled slowly and rose to full height, but she pursed her lips and saluted. "Yes, sir."

Without another word, the pair arrived at the brig...

The brig on OR Deck 100, was essentially the precinct house for the Starfleet Security officers working in the 100 - 150 'block' of the outer ring. Unlike the judicial and security complex in the station's core, the brigs in the outer ring contained a small reception area, that manned at all times, a tiny armoury to left, and a cell block, with 4 containment cells. Stylishly decorated in Federation 'Grey', it was a basic facility that was only ever to be used to accommodate prisoners before their transfer to the much grander complex in the aforementioned core.

The frosted doors to the brig opened with a heavier 'clank' than a normal door, but it's overall tone was still reminiscent of trademark whoosh of starfleet technology.

Ensign Malcom O'Poly was snapped up straight in his chair, the fury of two unidentified aliens in the uniform of Starfleet Marines, abruptly woke him from his unsanctioned slumber. His eyes still blood shot from the 'rager' of a party he had attended the previous day.

"Uh..." he spluttered, his brain foggy and still half asleep "... Ma'am, Ma'am's."

Dene'thala eyed the ensign with a look that suggested how someone might eye a bug, but she at least managed to keep her mouth shut. Kya was more formal. She nodded once to him. "Ensign," she said flatly. "We're here to see the newly-arrived prisoners. Are they available for questioning?"

O'Poly's eyes grew wide with an expression of being caught off guard. The 'oh shit' look, that he had perfected over the years of his shoddy service. "Uh, Just let me check for you Ma'am."

He tossed the remnants of his snack onto the aluminium tray the replicator had provided him and tossed it one side, freeing up access to the terminal in from him. He tapped away for a few moments. "Uh, Yes, Yes, they're in Brig Delta. Just through there, fourth cell down."

"Thank you, Ensign," Kya said dryly. She said nothing else as she turned and headed to the cell he named, not bothering to make sure that her sister wasn't being obnoxious behind her. (Which, for a change, she wasn't. Dene just followed.)

When they reached the cell, the colonel looked through the forcefield...

Inside, two girls were sitting on the same bed, leaning on each other for support. Both were waif-thin, and wore a collection of rags to provide a modicum of modesty. Beyond their ages, which placed them in their early twenties despite their child-like figures, the two were clearly different people.

One bore crazy hair of many colours, cropped short to make it poke out in all directions, like an exploding rainbow. Her eyes darted around like that of a trapped animal, checking out the room for potential exits. Though her spirit was undiminished by captivity, there were stress lines around her eyes, combined with a thin trickle of blood running down from her left temple. This girl had been through a lot recently.

Despite her friend's haggard appearance, it was the taller girl with long red hair that appeared to be holding the tightest onto her partner. While no blood could be seen on her face, tears were running freely down her cheeks, and her eyes were screwed up tight. Deep, shaky breaths could be heard as she tried to keep control, with little success.

As people came into view on the other side of the force field, the girl with mad hair glared harshly at their captors, while her friend remained oblivious.

"So," Kya said flatly, arching a dark brow as she looked between the two of them. "Which one of you wants to tell me why, and how, you broke into my office?"

The girl with the crazy hair, or Mad Jess as she was known to her friends, said nothing to the bossy marine. Her hands, however, were very expressive. The gesture she made was convoluted, well-practised, and a translation would involve describing several shockingly intimite acts with an assortment of farmyard animals.

O'Poly slouched into the cell block, leaning up against the wall he snorted, rubbed an achey eyeball and announced, "The CPF are here to take these 2 runts to the central stockade. You lot need to clear out." He snorted hard again, clearly mucus in his nose to the back of his throat.

He rubbed the red tips of his nostrils with the bridge of his index finger, wiping any debris onto this uniform. The smacked his lips, turned and left again.

Dene'thala didn't hide her disgust at the ensign at all. When he sister said, "Why hasn't he gone to the infirmary for that?" the sergeant said, "Someone vaporize him before he kills us all."

Kya looked at her twin with a are you for real kind of look but then shook her head. She looked at the prisoners again and shook her head. "As eloquent a statement as that was, this conversation is not over and I expect to hear more out of you."

"Why?" said Jess, the sudden noise jerking Claire out of her sobbing. "You'll just send us to jail anyway. Go nga'chuq yourself, tomato-head." she added, under her breath, but loud enough for the Colonel to hear her.

At the sound of Jess making it all worse, Claire began waving a hand at the Colonel in a panic. "Oh my god, I am *so* sorry ma'am. She's just upset and we were just hungry and I didn't want to do it and I'm sorry and we won't do it again and....and...." she trailed off, running out of breath and gasping desperately for air.

Kya spent a long, silent, tense moment saying nothing, which thankfully prompted her sister to equal silence. Then she said, "Get them moved." Pause. "And get them fed."

O’Poly choked on his own mucus making a spluttering noise, “Aye Aye Colonel.” Picking himself up of the wall, he picked up a padd from the dispenser and moved over the to edge of the cell, slightly pushing the 2 marines out of his way. “Whadya want to eat girlies?”

A somewhat harassed-looking bolian in a medical uniform bustled in through the door. “Hello Sergeants, hello Ensign O’Poly. My, my we do have a busy day today.” He nodded to the two girls in the cell. “My colleague told me that you’d need some additional seeing to, so, here I am.” He walked up to the cell door and turned to the two marines. “With your permission, of course.”

Dene'thala was busy glowering at the security ensign when the medical officer hurried in. Kya'shina was eyeing him with a far colder, more calculated expression until she turned to the Bolian. "Please do," she said tightly. After the man went into the cell, Kya nodded at her sister to keep an eye on the prisoners and the safety of the medic.

Meanwhile, the colonel moved in on the ensign. She was close enough that he'd be able to feel the heat radiating off her skin. "I know if must be an insult to live as an ensign at an obvious age where everyone else is captaining starships, but there is due respect to be paid to everyone." Her red eyes flashed demonically, very active in direct contrast to her calm demeanor. Voice low, full of menace. "To colonels, sergeants, and even prisoners. I do not abide insolence."

O'Poly hawked back the mucus from his nose, in one loud and long snort. He faked snapping to attention. "Yes, Ma'am." He mocked the Marine procedure, turning on his heals and walked towards the door. "I'll get the food ready."

"Can I go kill him?" Dene'thala asked, a little too eagerly.

"No," Kya said flatly.


"No." The colonel gave her sister a side-eyed look. "I'll talk to the chief of security about it once we see to their transfer."

Inside the cell, as the officers discussed their fate beyond the wall of energy, a pair of eyes watched their captors warily. One set wore a scowl, the other bore a look of cautious optimism, and both were attached to bellies that growled at the prospect of food.

=^= End of Log =^=

Lt Colonel Kya'shina Tenatha


Master Sergeant Dene'thala Tenatha (NPC Kya'shina)
First Sergeant


Ensign Malcom O'Poly (NPC Groves)
Brig Officer


Bolian (NPC Niva)
Medical Officer


Claire & Jess (NPC Grey)


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