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SD241810.13 || Joint Duty Log || people || "Because Xenophobia Never Goes Out Of Style"

Posted on Mon Oct 22nd, 2018 @ 4:40am by Lieutenant Commander Richard Groves & Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Colonel Kya'shina Tenatha & Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn

1,294 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

OOC: Heya Folks!

Last time, a couple of ragamuffins broke into Tenatha's office and got swatted. They were stuffed into the brig, and our plan was to have "interest groups" (played by myself and Nixon) show up on behalf of the YaDallan and Versaillian citizenry to display whiny victimhood and aggressive xenophobia respectively.

Unfortunately your CO couldn't resist the urge to split that out into an additional log count, so now those groups will be gate-crashing a senior officers meeting.

The main theme of the meeting is along the lines of "There's a bunch of new theft and other crime now the YaDallans have arrived. Hmm.". Tenatha and Medical are invited because the Marines are helping Security and Tenatha's office got burgled, while i've invited Medical to give us a balanced, counsellor-style perspective. Department heads of all stripes can also choose whether they've noticed small items going missing during their encounters with the more disreputable parts of the of YaDallan citizenry.

We can make it up as we go. :)

As again, feel free to use a stand-in npc if your main is off-station.

Let's do this thing.

- Grey/Sails


=^= Senior Officers' Conference Room =^=

A long table sat in the middle of this room; Starfleet's best effort at a luxury table resulting in the same discount cheapness that permeated most everything else their interior decorators came up with. Somehow the ship hulls and power systems were a work of art, but the furniture always left something to be desired. Like warmth, or taste.

General Grey sat at the head of the table in one of the oversized leather-style black chairs. He could almost see the huge backrest towering over him, and the General almost felt like some diabolical Count; sniffing a decanter of Bourbon in his hilltop castle while lightning crashed overhead.

He wished.

Lieutenant Rogers stood behind and to the side of the General, his eyes pinned to the padd in his hand. A live stream of messages entering the General's office had their summaries routed to his padd, and he was carefully monitoring them for anything his superior needed to know about.

So far, it was the usual stuff. Officer A has reported for duty. Officer B has officially departed. Officers C-through-Z are celebrating their birthdays, and want to invite the General to their parties.

Rogers allowed himself a small smile at this. As if the General had time for parties.

Arriving at the door, Richard tapped the control panel allowing him to gain access. He wondered why it hadn't automatically opened, but remembered as part of his security protocol he deactivated that specific protocol. His reasoning was that it would at least slow any escapees down.

Groves stepped across the threshold and into the large conference room, he noted that name plates had been set out at each of the positions - his was the furthest away from the Commanding Officer. That can't be good he thought to himself. He rounded the edge of the table to his assigned seat, look for a replicator to grab yet another serving of coffee from.

"General. Nice to see you again." he nodded, standing with his hands on the back of his assigned seat.

"Likewise." replied the General, putting his hands together on the table. "Take a seat, the others will be here soon."

Kya'shina had been almost relieved that she could leave her sister behind as she attended this meeting, since Dene'thala still wasn't in the best of moods--really, when had she ever been--but the colonel just didn't have time for the melodramatics. She had a meeting to attend.

Reaching the briefing room, she stepped up to the door. Tapping the panel, she stepped inside. She saw the general already seated and came to attention with a salute. "General," she greeted formally. "Commander." She nodded at Groves. She was glad he was here, since she did want to mention the behavior of his personnel on the brig level. When appropriate. For now, this was the general's party.

With his boss on the surface, he was next in command so, Anthony grabbed a PADD and walked to the conference room. He tapped the pannel and stepped inside. Nodding to the others he came to attention as he saw the General. "Cmdr. De'Lenn is planet side. I am Lt. Anthony Vargas, Engneering Department", he said.

Groves raised from his seat, having decided he needed a caffeinated beverage to keep him alert, as he rounded the bottom of the table, he nodded to Vargas

"Lieutenant, best not to crowd out the entrance. Take a seat." He pointed to the seat that had been assigned for the Engineering Representative. Groves was glad see an engineer here, he needed to review the operation of the security sensor net with them.

"Yes sir", he said and took the seat that was for the engineering department, getting a cup of coffee as he went. Sitting down he nodded to the other officers that were there and sipped his coffee as he waited.

He would not have to wait long, as a thick crowd of department heads and senior officers arrived in short order. Filtering patiently through the door, the group made their way to the relevant chairs and sat down. As almost every chair was filled, and no doubt the rest would be arriving soon, the General cleared his throat and leaned forward.

"Alright. Thank you all for coming on such short notice. We're all busy as hell with the YaDallan crisis, including the increasing number of refugees, so lets get started. First, I'd like to thank everyone for their hard work with the refugee arrivals. Despite a number of hiccups, nothing has exploded yet, so I'm calling this a win." the General declared, giving an approving nod.

"Next, Commander Groves has organised a briefing on the status and movements of the refugee fleet...what?" he asked, annoyed at the padd his yeoman was suddenly holding in front of his face.

"I apologise, sir. Admiral Tock is insisting you review these protocols and respond asap." said Lt Rogers, blandly.

"You don't *look* sorry." the General grumbled, taking the padd without malice and glaring at the wall of text.

"Following orders, sir." Rogers explained, equally blandly.

"...Ok, this'll take a while." said the General, scrolling through the padd's contents. "Commander Groves, why don't you go ahead and start your briefing?"

Groves acknowledged the request from the Commanding Officer. “Yes, Well... I’ve received an update from Captain Nixon of the Alliance. They’ve been ferrying survivors from Ya’Dalla. They had a particularly unusual incident, where they where sent to pick up a ship full of children who had been taken from the Ya’Dallan surface. My understanding is that the Captain will conference in soon to update us himself.”

Richard flicked his finger up the padd, scrolling the screen downwards. “Urm... So, our biggest issue so far is a heavy spike in reported crimes. Some things are mediocre... he took my bag, she stole that from my plate... a few others a little more serious.” Richard pointed with his forefinger to the Marine at the table, “Colonel, maybe you’d like to brief the team on your incident?”

- tag! Ok, the unstaffed DH spots are filled with silent NPCs, and the staff who haven't logged their arrival can choose to say they arrived with the crowd, or arrived late. Grey's owner (me) is away for a week, so Nixon has kindly volunteered to have an NPC drop by to occupy you all until I return. The General will be paying barely any attention, as Lt Rogers will be distracting him with that padd till I get back.

I think that's everything. Enjoy! -


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