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SD241812.16 - Plot Log - "Better Late Than Never"

Posted on Sun Dec 16th, 2018 @ 5:44pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn

903 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: Conference Room Timmis/Station Operations
Timeline: Current


The USS Timmis along with the USS Baron and USS Algonquin had in fact picked up the remaing 6,000 evacuees that were left before Ya'dalla exploded. Security on all three ships was extended so thin it was a wonder that nothing disastrous happened yet. Yet, Timber Wolf was not taking chances and issued further orders to security on the other two ships to be beefed up.

Pacing the bridge, he was thinking of their pending arrival at Versailles Station. Alaska looked up at her master almost sorrowfully seeing him pace. "Not to worry girl....we'll be there soon enough", he said stopping long enough to rub her head. With the Captain in sickbay recovering from Alderan flu, he stood watch over this entire operation.

Engineering had the benefit of having two chiefs there working hand in hand along with De'Lenn's second, handling the Baron's, and the Algonquin's chiefs of engineering in getting things ready to off load their precious cargo.

Heading off the bridge, he left instructions for the FCO to remain on their present heading and inform him if there was any change in the flight path.

"Understood, Exec. You'll be the first to know sir...", said the young ensign, as Wolf heard the closing of the lift doors. "Conference room...", he said and the lift moved smoothly to its destination. Entering the conference room, he replicated large bowl of cool water for Alaska, who sat there eagerly waiting, and a cool old fashioned lemonade for himself. Setting down the water for Alaska, he sat at the large table, looking out into the emptiness of space.

Tapping the computer panel infront of him, =/\= Wolf to Baron and Algonquin, Captain Bleetman and Captain Rochelle join me on the Timmis in the confrence room please=/\=

He got their responses quickly and soon Captain's Bleetman and Rochelle entered the conference room and sat.

"Well Wolf you got us loaded and out of there just in time," said Rochelle.

"Yes, Rochelle...he certainly did, although I suspect that the engineers and his science departments should get the credit in the end", replied Bleetman.

Nodding in agreement, "Well...yes that is true, but I called this meeting because Versailles Station is way over crowded and if I am guessing correctly, badly strained in every department, and in some cases lacking certain supplies of which I have no doubt. Therefore before we dock I am suggesting that we off load our evacuees to their indicated cargo bays. This way we can concentrate our efforts to try and help ease the strain in any way we can. Replicating items, aiding in medical and so on. I am sure we are in agreement?", Wolf asked, looking at both captain's.

"Yes by all means, it is acceptable", replied Rochelle.

"I am in complete agreement on that Wolf", added Bleetman.

"Well then....", getting interrupted by his FCO..."Sir, we have entered Versailles airspace." "Understood Ensign, continue present course. I will advise General Grey of our arrival", he said.

"Well, there you have it my friends we have made it, home finally", Timber Wolf said, relieved and just glad for it to have ended the way it did, safely.

Once both captain's were back on their respective ships did Wolf send his final com to Versailles Station.

=/\= Versailles Station, this is Lt. Cmdr. Wolf of the USS Timmis, we are within range to transport our precious cargo of 6,000 evacuees to your cargo bays. The USS Baron and Algonquin are also in range with their cargo. Permission to off load to your cargo bay =/\= Wolf said and laid back in his chair, relieved and glad they were home.

[Versailles Station Operations Center]

=/\= USS Timmis, Algonquin, and Baron, permission to off load your evacuees to cargo bays 3 and 4. Welcome home and glad to hear you're safe. Once you have delivered your cargo you are cleared to dock in docking areas 5,6, and 7. =/\=

=/\= Please alert the General we have come home and await debriefing =/\=

=/\= Understood Timmis. Versailles out =/\=

In Ops, the Versailles operations crew made to signal the General, before hearing a set of footsteps behind them.

"I heard. Tell Commander Groves and Commander Niva to get some people down there, and notify the aid groups. The refugees will need accommodation too, so alert Commander De'Lenn as well. She'll need to get some of her teams putting more rooms together for people."

De'Lenn and Johnathan had beamed from the Timmis to Versailles midway into the off loading of evacuees. Looking at the madness around her, "Damn it is good to be home. If I know the General, he won't be expecting us to show up in let's go see how much of a surprise we can afford him", finished. Johnathan nodded as both stepped on to the operations deck quietly, coming up behind him, "General is good to be home again", De'Lenn said smiling.

"Good to have you back Commander." replied the General, turning sharply to face the Klingon engineer with eyebrows raised. He was surprised to see her, but pleasantly so. With the sudden increase in refugees on the station, Versailles was about to need all the help it could get.

"Let's get to work, shall we?"


====End Mission===

Commander Timber Wolf
Executive Officer
USS Timmis

Captain Bleetman, MD
USS Baron

Captain Rochelle
USS Algonquin

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer
Starbase Versailles

Commander Ky'La De'Lenn
Chief Engineering Officer
Versailles Station


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