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SD242005.20 - Joint Duty Log - Grey & Jordan - "Lining the Halls"

Posted on Wed May 20th, 2020 @ 4:14pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Commander Sarah Jordan & Warrant Officer Walter Si

688 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

=^= Medical Centre =^=

The beds were full of patients, some sedated, and some gritting their teeth in discomfort. Blood dripped from wounds left untreated, as the overwhelming number of patients put the medical staff under intense pressure. Visitors that had brought the wounded in were forced to stand, leaving the chairs for yet more wounded.

On the floor, blankets and piles of clothing acted as yet more improvised bedding. A sea of patients lined every wall and covered almost every spot of available floor, with the moans of pain a constant reminder of just how much work remained.

"Help, someone!" shouted a young man, as he ran through the broken double-doors in reception, carrying a pair of children in his arms. The little ones were unconscious, and blood ran freely down their faces due to head wounds. Frantic, his eyes scanned the crowds, trying to identify the medical staff in the crowd.

Sarah was busy dealing with her patients, scrambling between beds, administering treatment when she was startled by the shouting of a young man. She dropped her tricorder on the floor as she span towards the door and began to walk over to the children, “Walter! Get the other one!” She ordered, as the nurse clambering through a crowd and obstacles. “Run a full diagnostic test! See what’s wrong with him and let me know!” Sarah said, as she escorted the other child and parent to a bed next to the other one.

“What happened? Tell me everything you know!” Sarah questioned sternly as she began running a tricorder over the child.

"Uh, the ceiling fell." he stammered to the Commander; the woman with seemingly abundant tricorders. "Pipes 'n panels. They fell and, uh, hit the kids. I was watchin' em, just for an hour. Are 'ey gonna be aw-right?" he near-mumbled, the accent getting thicker as he felt the pressure.

"I 'idn't do nuffin." he added, quickly, keen to avoid blame. Adults often blamed him for stuff that wasn't his fault, like that time his mate blagged himself some guff 'n twists, and the guds (security guards, for the less academically-inclined) pinned it on him, when he wasn't even there! It was so unfair, and he'd make them all jealous when his heavy-metal band took off.

Sarah stopped for a moment, absorbing the statement of the man before her before she continued to scan the child infront of her. "I'm not blaming you, we'll get them looked at and hopefully the injuries aren't too severe!"

Sarah grabbed a hypospray that was positioned beside her and loaded it with an analgesic compound, administering it to the child. "That should get rid of some of pain she will feel when she wakes up.". Sarah grabbed her tricorder, examining the readings of the body scan she had just completed.

"That's...yeah, awright." the man grunted in response, folding his arms to cover his relief in manly stoicism. With a brisk nod, he turned his head away from the child and looked around the room, as if to pretend the last few terrified minutes hadn't happened.

Manly men, after all, didn't do girly things like panicking over injured children.

"Hrr. 'S busy in 'ere, ey?" he muttered, unnerved by all the blood around the place. Though not the sharpest knife in the door, even he recognised that hospital patients, even the less-injured ones, didn't usually camp out on piles of coats.

Sarah rushed around the biobed as she examined the child lay before her, she took little notice of the man who seemed to not understand the situation at hand. "Mmhm, sure" she uttered as she grabbed for another medical tricorder as she scanned up and down the child.

Almost unexpectedly, Walter shouted through to Sarah as she jumped, "This one's ok! No serious injuries only slight cuts and bruises and had a broken leg, I've repaired it and they're in recovery!". Sarah sighed, one less patient she had to deal with, she thought to herself.

Now on to the next one. And the next one...

=^= End of Log =^=

Lieutenant Commander Sarah Jordan
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase Versailles


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