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Posted on Thu Jun 4th, 2020 @ 5:00pm by Major Orin Thrix

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: On approach Star base Versailles
Timeline: Current

Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.
-Martin Luther King Jr-


The Federation re-supply vessel USS Hornstein was as close as it was going to get to the Black Hole. The Starbase Versailles was not on the list of places where the Hornstein needed to be. But, it was close enough to get one of the Hornstein's passengers to it. In the ship's landing bay a lone fighter craft was waiting to launch. It was a short range craft with limited warp capability. But it was enough to get there.

=/\=Hornstein to Fighter craft, you have permission to launch when ready.=/\=

=/\=My call sign is Fire Fox. And thanks for your hospitality Hornstein. Fire Fox away. =/\= Came the reply. just then the hanger doors opened, and the small craft took off. leaving the Hornstein to continue on her way.

Orin was a pilot with experience. But even he gets a little nervous around gravity wells like Black Holes. They are unpredictable, and dangerous at any time. And according to the briefing he was given on this new assignment, that was just ONE of the new challenges he was going to face there.

Orin switched the auto pilot system on in his small 1 man fighter. Then again went over his assignment briefing. Orin believed that there was no such thing as being over prepared. He knew the exact state that the station was in. And knew there were riots going on. That, in a way, made Orin's job a little easier. After reporting in, Orin thought he would need to talk to Station security. Orin had a plan to help out not only intel on the station, but possibly the sector as well. Orin wanted to set up an alias so he could mingle with the civilian population as one of them. He wanted his "Alter Ego" to have a back story, and arrest record, the whole 9 yards. Of course, this needed to be co-ordinated with station security.

Just then, an alarm went off in the small fighter. Orin looked at the controls. The effect of the gravity well was starting to effect the instruments. It could be compensated for. But it would need to be changed every so often. Orin thought it just would be best to fly in himself from this point.

After flying and constant adjusting for the strength of the gravity well. Orin saw a fighter flying toward him on sensors. He held his course until he was hailed.

=/\=Unknown Federation fighter, this is Starbase Versailles escort fighter Blue 6. Do you require an escort to the Starbase?=/\=

=/\=Blue 6 this is Fire Fox, That would be great. Also please send a message to the base CO that I will need to report in as soon as possible on arrival. And IF he could have his security chief with him, that would be great.=/\=

=/\=Copy that Fire Fox. Please follow me in, and welcome to Starbase Versailles.=/\=.



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