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SD242006.05 - Duty Log - Bolton CO & NPCs - "Search and Rescue"

Posted on Fri Jun 5th, 2020 @ 4:45pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Captain Jackson Esposito Dr

846 words; about a 4 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: USS Bolton
Timeline: Current

Dr Lee Esposito was sat in the Captain's chair. They had set off from Deep Space K-12 and were nearly at Starbase Versailles. His black lab coat clung to his form.

"Helm how far are we out?" He asked as he looked to the view screen. The Bolton was a refitted ambassador class ship, that had been refitted for hospital purposes; the whole port side of the ship was a medical ward. They had really rushed out of dock, as they needed her out there doing the good.

"Gadda-ya so-som halleh." muttered the Elaysian helmsman under her breath. The Captain kept asking her that question as if it would bring them to the starbase faster. "Still twenty minutes, sir." she told him, as if his attention wasn't already elsewhere.

"Ensign" He said, speaking to his Operations officer, "Let Starbase Versailles know our position." He said turning to face the Operations officer as he tried to figure out what his next move was once they got there.

"Aye Captain!" rasped the Vulcan Ensign, his deep voice bearing a metallic echo, like it was coming out of a deep drain. He turned both eyes to the console before him and tapped out a series of commands; his right hand making dull tapping noises against the glass, and his left hand making tacketty-tacketty noises as the metallic fingers rapped against the buttons.

After a three-count, the display lit up, and the image of a distracted Bolian Lieutenant appeared on the console.

[["Starbase Versailles, how can I help you?"]] droned the Bolian in a bored tone, his eyes busy reading a padd.

"We are the Bolton." the Ensign announced into the microphone, the laser sight integrated into his left temple fixed unmovingly upon the display. "Starbase Versailles, prepare to receive our position."

[["Confirmed Bolton."]] the Bolian replied. After a moment, the sound of the Ensign's voice seemed to sink in, and he looked up at the camera, seeing the Ensign's image on his own screen.

The Bolian blanched, his deep blue skin paling.

[["Uh, Bolton, we are not due to receive any Cooperative vessels. I didn't know there were any in this sector..."]]

"This vessel is Starfleet, this unit...I am no longer linked to the hive mind." explained the Ensign, his face showing no emotion.

[["I...see."]] said the Bolian, uncomfortable. [["Well, we've received your position, and will expect you soon. Here are the instructions for final approach. Versailles out."]]

Taking the sudden cut-off in his stride, the Ensign turned to face his CO.

"Captain, Starbase Versailles confirms our location, and asks that we contact Fighter 12 at the outer marker upon arrival. We have also been cautioned. The black hole has many irregular gravimetric shears. Navigation will be...challenging."

Jackson looked at the Ensign, "Ok, thank you Ensign. Send a ship-wide communication to prep the port ward for site-to-site transport in case there are any injured." he looked up "Keep us at full warp I want us there as soon as possible" This was there first assignment and Jackson hoped that the transfer would go well.

"Aye Captain." replied the Ensign, tapping his comm badge. "Ship-wide. This is the bridge. All hands without key duties report to the Port Ward to prepare for mass site-to-site beam outs. Secure all loose materials and patients in case of gravimetric sheers. Expect impact and crush injuries, plasma burns, lacerations, and general psychological stress trauma."

As the Operations officer rattled off his litany of doom, the Elaysian helmsman was fruitlessly pressing the "up" arrow on the warp throttle. It beeped back at her, assuring her that they were at full speed. Though there was an emergency button, she needed permission for that one.

"Top cruising speed, aye sir." she offered.

Jackson stood "Ensign you have the Con" he said looking at his helms man "I will be on the port ward getting ready with the rest of the medical staff" he said making his way towards the turbo lift "Ensign let me know when get to the starbase" he said returning a smile.

"Aye sir." the relieved smile at her CO's departure having swiftly frozen. "Um, sir? Sir!" she cried, far too late, as the turbolift doors closed on the Captain and cut off her words.

"Does the Captain know you have never taken the conn before?" inquired the Operations Ensign, looking up from his terminal.

"Um, I, well. No. It didn't come up!" she added defensively, ignoring the bemused gazes of others on the bridge.

Waving to a crewman to come and take her place at the helm, the Elaysian stood up and stepped over to the Captain's chair. Gulping, she turned and sat, narrowly missing the arm of the chair in her nervousness.

"Continue on course, and drop out of warp just outside the event horizon, near Friend-or-Foe ID 'Fighter 12'." she croaked, receiving a reassuring nod from the new crewman at the helm.

=^= End of Log =^=

Unnamed Vulcan ex-Borg Ensign
Operations Officer
USS Bolton


Unnamed Elaysian
USS Bolton


Dr Jackson Lee Esposito
Commanding Officer/Chief Medical Officer
USS Bolton


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