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SD242004.30 - Civilian Log - "Going for a Walk"

Posted on Thu Apr 30th, 2020 @ 3:54pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

474 words; about a 2 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

=^= Outer Ring, Gold Sector, Residential Zone R =^=

Pipes ran through across the ceiling, and a few leaked water onto the deck. Some had cloths tied around them to help staunch the leaks, and a pair of boys were taking it in turns to sit on each others' shoulders, and tie yet another strip of old clothing around the next drip.

Along the hallway, doors lined both sides. One slid open, capturing the boys' attention for a moment, and out stepped a girl with a shoulder bag.

"Wotcha Lucy!" announced one boy, giving her a wave. This was followed by a cuss as the boy atop his shoulders thumped him on the head.


"Hold still!"

"Quit fumpin' me!"

"Well you keep still then!"

"You boys working hard, ay?" interrupted Lucy with a smile.

"Yeah miss." they replied in unison, the one on top tightening the rag with a grunt. The water still dripped through, but at least it wouldn't spray anyone when the system got a pressure pulse.

"Well you keep at it, and no fighting, awright?" she drawled, poking fun as she strolled by.

"Yeah yeah, oi!" said the one on the bottom, "You got any more'a that toffee?" he inquired, a subject of no small interest to his passenger, whose head swivelled at the prospect of free sugar.

Lucy opened her mouth to reply, but was interrupted by the sound of clomping footsteps from down the hall.

"Hey lads!" cried their father, pointing a handfull of thick gloves in their direction, "How's about you mind your task. Dinner's up in a few, and you'll 'ave hell to pay if your Mum catches you snackin' afore the meal."

"Yes Dad." the boys droned, rolling their eyes the moment their backs were turned.

"So, taking care of yer ol' Nan there Lucy?" said the father, keeping his eye on the boys as they hurried off to the pile of rags.

"Yeah. Just a leaky pipe." she replied, shrugging.

"You're a good egg, looking after her like that."

"Well, someone's gotta."

This made the older man tsk through his teeth, as if trying to remove an unpleasant pip.

"Time was the 'fleet'd have someone down 'ere on rounds, watching out for the old folks."

"Yeah, well." she mumbled, looking down. "They got bigger problems ay?"

"Well, they do at that." he admitted, nodding.

A moment passed, the two lost in their own thoughts.

"Well, I'll be off." Lucy announced suddenly, feeling awkward.

"Yes, yes. You, uh, you do that." he mumbled feeling embarassed. "And hey, next time you're round 'ere, drop a line will ya? Food's doing alright for now, can always make room for one more at the table."

"Ta muchly." said Lucy, offering him a gentle smile as she sauntered away.

=^= End of Log =^=





Pippin & Merry


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