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Like a Kid at Christmas.

Posted on Fri Jul 10th, 2020 @ 1:23am by Major Orin Thrix & Lieutenant Grimbat Klinx & Warrant Officer Gavin Entwhistle & Civilian Orlynne Jace

598 words; about a 3 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: In the outer ring on Deck 83-Civilian Hanger Deck
Timeline: Current

"No matter where you go, there you are."
-Bukaroo Bansi-


This was the second time that Lt Grimbat Klinx was ordered to come to the Civilian hanger deck in the outer ring on Deck 83. And to make it worse, both times he was ordered to come out of uniform. This was starting to become a habit. And one that he was not sure how he felt. But this time he was ordered to meet his rendezvous in the lounge, right beside the hanger deck. At least he might be comfortable.

Klinx entered the lounge. It was moderately busy, but still quiet enough for whispers. and they say that whispers of lips can sink ships. Let's hope that it would not need to come to that. Sitting in a table central to the room. He was also in Civilian attire. It was his boss, Major Orin Thrix. Orin signaled Klinx over and asked him to sit down.

"Sir, why did you ask me here again?" He asked

"Glad you are here Grimbat. Thought you just might want to meet a few people. They are about to come in. As a matter of fact, there they are."

Orin pointed to a small class 9 freighter. It was one of them that COULD be manned by a single person IF needed. The freighter it's self was of Klingon origin. On the side was painted the words GALACTIC OVERHAUL. It made a perfect landing in it's birthing space.

"Let's go" Said Orin as they left for the freighter. They walked across the hanger deck. and noticed that the clean up was actually starting to post results.

They arrived just as the door was opening. a human male and a Trill female emerged.

"Grimbat, I want you to meet some friends of mine. This is Warrant Officer Gavan Entwhistle. Starfleet Secret Service." He said pointing to the male. "And over here, we have Orlynne Jace. UFP Intelligence Service." He said. "They are BOTH assigned to me." Said Thrix.

"Oh, will they be in the office?" Asked Klinx.

"No, they will be my crew on the freighter. They know what to do." Thrix said.

"That we do luv" Said Gavin. "Can't wait to get started. This place looks like hell from the outside. And I must admit, from what I can see here, It's not looking much better from inside."

"Yeah, so first things first, where are we staying?" Asked Orlynne.

"About that, you know this station has it's.....problems. Well, when you get there, you might want to beam over" Said Thrix.

Both of them looked at Thrix like deers in a set of headlights.

"What do you mean?" Asked Gavin.

"I was told the quarters are habitable. But need clearing. The good news, we have 2 levels. The bad news.....we need to clear it ourselves. The 4 of us." Orin said trying to decide how he was going to dodge IF something was thrown at him. "We can start tomorrow." Orin said smiling, knowing that a smile was ONLY making things worse.

There was a pause. They all did not know what to say. "Tell you what, lets go back to the lounge and grab a bite. We can plot and plan." Said Thrix.

They all started moving toward the lounge. They all moved kind of like zombies. dreading the job tomorrow.


Major Orin Thrix
Chief Intelligence Officer
Starbase Versailles


Lt Grimbat Klinx
Chief Encryption Officer
Starbase Versailles


Warrant Officer Gavin Entwhistle
Starfleet Secret Service
Starbase Versailles


Orlynne Jace
United Federation of Planets Intelligence Service
Starbase Versailles


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