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SD242008.22 - Joint Log - Fvaiduk & Fide - "The Job Board"

Posted on Wed Sep 2nd, 2020 @ 4:54pm by Civilian Fvaiduk & Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

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Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery

=/= Begin Log =/=

The job board was a simple thing, and for a place like Versailles it was desperately needed. Where ever there was a terminal anyone could access the job board, people looking for jobs would put their resumes on their or just apply for a job, and then people looking for people for a job have access to their resumes.

Now the job boards have also been used to illicit some more of the seedier jobs, and some even claim that spies or secret agents use them pass information. For Fvaiduk it was the illiciting the seedier parts of the universe, so after placing a few odd jobs but only one was the real one.

- Broker Sought -

Broker of note sought for conduct of various discreet transactions of scale. Payment by premium, not percentage.

Provide reputable references via contact id. In-person meeting to follow, pending confirmation of references.

Contact id: 5318829

- message ends -

Back at the café that he had that odd encounter, he looked over the message on his Ferengi PaDD, the dapper man found them to be more secure along with being able keep them highly encrypted. They were legitimate references, hell everyone in this business knew you needed them, once they were listed the dapper man hit send, now the only thing to do was to wait.

It wasn't long before the response chimed its way into his inbox. Mentioning nothing about the references themselves, the clipped tones of the reply indicated only that his presence was requested.

A time was offered, one hour from now, and a location; a room two sectors away, but close to a turbolift. Based on the name of the room, it seemed be in one of those rent-by-use areas used by businesses that needed a secure space for a short period of time.

Lighting one of his fumella cigarette looking at the location and time. He stood up and like last time the dapper man left a few strips of GPL.

[....45 Minutes Later....]

Doing one last check, making sure that his hunter's knife was secured in the small of his back, he lit one more cigarette before hitting the chime, his guards up as he didn't know what he was walking into.

The door opened, revealing a man with a black suit and sunglasses. One meaty hand raised in a "wait here" gesture, while the other hand held a device.

Eventually, the tiny gadget lit up green, and the man with the thick neck stepped aside, gesturing for the broker to step inside.

"He's clean ma'am."

"Thank you Mercer. Close the door please." replied a Vulcan woman sitting behind a small desk, with two more suited men either side of her. Her neck-length brown hair framed a polite smile on thin lips, one which didn't flicker as the door snapped shut behind her guest.

"Do sit down." she advised the broker, gesturing to the chair in front of the desk.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" The dapper man asked looking around the room, not for exits knowing there was only one, but for what he could use as a weapon if he needed and had to.

In response, the Vulcan woman gestured to her entourage. One of them pulled out a stylus pen and pointed it towards the broker, causing an invisible force-field to appear and shimmer between them.

"If it makes you comfortable." she added, waving a hand in the air to indicate her indifference.

He quickly lit one of his fumella cigarettes before taking a seat, and taking a few drags the dapper man just watched the female Vulcan, deciding to make her speak first, again this concept was the easiest way of figuring out things without giving anything away.

"So," said the Vulcan, "before we begin, do you have a preferred method of address? A title perhaps, or a name."

"Mr White well work just fine," the dapper man said taking a few drags off of his cigarette watching the Vulcan.

"Very well, Mr White. I am Miss Fide." she told him, truthfully. She made no attempt to conceal her identity, assuming that any means of disguising herself would be found out anyway, so why make the effort?

"My staff have asked you to meet with me today because I suddenly find myself the leader of most of the CEOs aboard Versailles. Banding together in this time of crisis, they perhaps elected me to take charge because many of them owe me money, and think this bauble of power will grant them a reprieve from their payments."

"Needless to say, they are mistaken." she added. "Still, if I am to lead, I must show myself able to control the situation. Any advantage I gain in leadership is swiftly lost if I am voted out, which brings me to the reason you are here."

"I need security. More than the passel of bodyguards and office thugs I have now; I need a small army. Men and women to walk the streets, and make it quite clear who is in power. Besides, without security there is chaos, and this rarely results in profit if experienced up close."

"So," she concluded, "mercenaries. Lawkeeping experience and credentials. At least 500. Capable. Can you arrange such a deal?"

"I can, it won't be cheap, and it won't be done right away," The dapper man said looking at the women, "building the network well take awhile, as for the mercenaries I'll need transports to get them here,"

"We have ships coming here soon. Here is a new contact ID." said Fide, showing the broker the number on a padd. "Contact it when the first group is ready, and we will arrange a pickup."

The dapper man chuckled, "with this kind of job, it's a contract, a contract that'll for no more than six months, at which point we can renegotiate or even draw up a new one or go our separate ways, I'll need a few days to draw one up," The dapper man said, knowing that this was a perfect start to what he needed to do.

"A contract for what?" inquired the Vulcan, leaning on the desk and steepling her perfectly-manicured fingers.

The dapper man sighed fighting the urge to just stand up and walk out, "a contract for the work I am about to do for you," The dapper man said looking at the women, "especially if I am representing more then you and brining in mercenaries who get paid not by you but by the organization I represent. This is my job am the middle person, allowing you to keep your hands as clean as possible if anything goes wrong, think of me as a PR Firm," the dapper man said finishing his cigarette and lighting another.

"Now the 6 months is the minimum whether you require it or not, and within the contract it'll list exactly what you are paying for, and what you'll get along with other legal jargon that protects all parties involved. They'll also be various other contracts as we start brining in mercenaries and whatnot for security, again all of this is to protect all parties involved," the dapper man said simply.

"Unfortunately, things are not quite as cut-and-dried as you may imagine them to be." explained the Vulcan, shrewdly. "I have had the dubious pleasure of meeting the General in charge of this station, and I can say with some certainty that if my new security force runs amok in my name, that no legal document would protect me from his people."

"If I were to have this small army brought onboard", she continued, "I would need to control them directly. They would take payment from me and mine, allowing me to pull their strings without relying on the loyalty of your clandestine group. You may have your contract to recruit the men on my behalf, as well as arrange for their transport to the station. Each person you hire will be vetted, will sign a security contract of my design, and will not receive so much as a penny from your group."

"Are these terms acceptable to you?" she asked.

The dapper man listened, "I can help with transport, but I am not in the business of contracting that many mercenaries for security," the dapper man said, "with that being said I can put you in contact of people who can, and all I ask for that is a rather hefty finders fee, which usually is a percentage of their contract," he added.

"Those terms are agreeable, in principle." said Fide, who hadn't even blinked at 'hefty'. "Make contact with your contacts, draw up a contract for the business required of them, and forward it to my legal team for approval and signing. Do you have any further questions?"

"No," and with that the dapper man stood, put his cigarette out gave one last look around and left the room.

=^= End of Log =^=

Civilian Li'ara Fide
Fide Financial


Civilian Fvaiduk
Starbase Versailles


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