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SD242008.22 - You need to get out of that office Bob

Posted on Wed Aug 26th, 2020 @ 6:59pm by Civilian Fvaiduk

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Versailles

=/= Begin Log =/=

"....Bob you are not listening, there is a story here, I know it," Piety said still staying enuthastic, "I mean, hell, that trade minister, the Ferengi Acquisitor and that Bajoran priest," Piety said, well more pleading.

"It's not that I don't believe you, but you have to see it as well, that all three of those are a stretch," Bob said, rubbing his face, "okay I can do this for you, you can stay in Versailles and pursue this, but you have to produce other stories," Bob said knowing that he was gonna be regretting this, "while keeping us in the loop on what you are pursuing, yes?"

"Yes yes, of course," Piety said as she tried to contain her entuhasim, "and I'll make sure to cover all angles of life on the station," Piety said nodding, {yes yes, write about boring station life to have a chance of a lifetime story,} she thought.

{God, I am gonna be regretting this,} Bob thought but he shook his head, "just don't make me regret this, or make FNN look bad," and with that Bob killed the communique leaving Piety speechless.

Making a humph sound looking at the black screen, "you need to get out of that office Bob," Piety said with a small chuckle, as she stood and walked into the small bedroom, "alright slip into something bit more comfortable then to work," after she undressed she quickly pulled on a pair of simple light gray, cotton booth shorts and finally a sea form green cropped sweater.

For now Piety didn't care how they died it was more important to know the person. Like the trade minister, he wasn't squeaky clean, but his shady dealings were barely in the shade, mostly kickbacks, bribes and well partying on his people's dime. But there had to be something more, yes the guy was an asshole for doing that but it definitely wasn't worth getting killed over, unless he screwed over whoever giving him the kickbacks.

Adjusting her glasses she read over some files that were just sent to her. "Thank you thank you thank you!" Piety whispered, "thank you FNN for hiring interns for research," it would have taken her weeks to find some of these stories, in reality they would not have been hard to find, but just time consuming reading through everything.

"What did my poli-sci professor say about embassies," Piety thought as she rolled onto her back, "ah yes, that trade ministers were essentially given unlimited freedom, just as long as they brought in new deals," shaking her head, "wish I paid more attention in that class," Piety said but blushing at a memory.

"Come on Piety focus," Piety said shaking her head, as she picked up her PaDD again, but this time looking over the male Ferengi, his was a little bit more simple or it appeared so on the surface. Made a bad acquisition and whoever the financier(s) were not happy about it, and well potentially a contract out on him or possibly he did commit suicide.

But even that just didn't sit right with Piety, yes Ferengi were very business smart, and they knew how to talk themselves out of trouble, or at least reneogiate the deal to keep the alive long enough to either run, or I until they could find someone else to pay for their mistake.

Piety didn't have her own intern, or even researcher, so she had to send the request to unfortunately someone she has pissed off, Jackie O, she was in charge of the FNN's fact checking department, "alright Jackie come on let bygones be bygones," Piety said as she sent the request for one of the interns to start looking into a few things.

And finally the Bajoran priest, this was probably the most frustrating as it didn't fit anything, nor was there much information on it. Between her searching and the interns searching very little, and also the Bajoran government wasn't all the cooperative. "Ugh," Piety said slamming her hand onto the table, "crap!" She moaned realizing how hard she hit the table, "screw this for now, I need to stretch and work on my breathing and maybe while at it stop talking to myself," Piety said with a chuckle knowing that was not gonna happen.

=/= End Log =/=

Piety Pjdm
FNN Investigative Journalist
Starbase Versailles


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