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SD242009.10- "Get 'ur Ass to Versailles - Fvaiduk & Feen

Posted on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 6:28pm by Civilian Fvaiduk
Edited on on Thu Sep 10th, 2020 @ 6:36pm

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: IFS Lucy & SB Versailles

=/= Begin Log =/=

A worn and weathered looking women with a mohawk, undercut which revealed a very intricate tattoo, a beautiful vibrant red/orange flower and the stem was a cybernetic spine-implant running from her neck all the way down to the bottom of her spine.

"Mistress Feen, mistress Feen wake up, you have a incoming call," Feen groaned as she rolled onto her back, every inch of her body ached.

"Who is it?" Feen said groggily as she slowky Sat up, every joint popping along with a soft humming as the implant activated. There was some more groaning as she finally got out of bed and was standing.

"A Mr Fvaiduk, I believe he's a broker for madam Truffault?" Lucy said as she searched her database. Feen just groaned when she looked at the screen, she hated working with brokers they were all ego and lies. Luckily it was a pre-recorded message downside she still had to listen to his voice.

"Lucy, play the message," Feen said rubbing her face, as she tugged on a old-wornout cropped top sweater. Not to cover up but to keep her warm, her body also struggled with maintaining body temperatures, "Lucy what is going on?"

"Not sure, it appears the message is encrypted, but I am unfamiliar with be encryption," Lucy said as she pulled up the diagnostics, "but I can tell you where the message came from," Lucy said pulling up the data.

"Are you sure about this Lucy," Feen said as she woke up, seeing the data. The message was coming from a small surplus depot just outside of Klingon space, that wasn't the issue the issue was who ran the depot. Plus all the rumors, rumors of a potential hostile takeover which would upset the very delicate balance of power in the region.

Lucy, chipped ans whistled as she checked somethings, the noise was added by the creator of Lucy, "yes it appears that my data is correct," the monotized computerized feminine voice said.

Feen sighed she had a choice to make, her contract with Delaney Truffault was one that independent freighters dreamed of easy routes and decent profit split, now on the other hand with things potentially changing well it provided a chance to either make her contract better or find a new one. She quickly got dressed, pulling on black faux leather pants, black military boots, and finally your burnt well-worn and weathered burgundy cropped leather jacket which revealed a simple black leather bra.

"Lucy open a channel to Fvaiduk, make sure it is encrypted oh and mask our location as best as you can," Feen said as she slowly trudged out of her room, and hopped into the very slow moving lift and called for the bridge.

[....Starbase Versailles....]

Fvaiduk was shirtless looking at the well muscled and tanned man on the couch, "mmm, you are eye candy aren't you," Fvaiduk said licking his lips. But just as he was about to enjoy his desert Fvai's comm link went off, "qeylIS va," Fvaiduk cursed in Klingon, "out!" Fvaiduk said noticing who it was from.

The well muscled man just shook his head and walked out, but he couldn't complain seeing as he was paid. "Lucy what is it?" Fvaiduk asked pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Feen would like to speak with you, and as you can see connection is secure," Lucy said simply before changing and brining up the view of Lucy's bridge, which also showed a extremely aged women.

"Feen, what the fuck have you fucked up this time?" Fvaiduk asked, knowing that the women needed to have been put out pasture years ago.

"I don't have the energy to do deal with you, so did you have anything to do with this message?" Feen clicking a few buttons letting Lucy to send the message to Fvaiduk.

Fvaiduk looked over the message, "what am I looking at Feen, it just looks like gibberish," Fvaiduk said sounding extremely angry, but then that changed when a second message popped up, "how sure are you of this?" He asked looking at he coordinates, he knew that Truffault coveted that territory but it was also was not an easy piece of territory to take.

"If I wasn't sure would I be calling you?" Feen asked annoyed, annoyed at is anger and annoyed that she was dealing with this. All she needed to know was where to fly, and who her contact was at point A and point B. "I don't need deal with this shit, I'm a goddamn transporter that's it," Feen growled.

"Just get to Versailles, I have a new job for you, and please please make sure the cargo you have stays secured," Fvaiduk said regaining his composure, seeing as she knew the women was not gonna like what was coming when she arrived. And with that the line was cut and his screen went black.

=/= End Log =/=

Civilian Fvaiduk
Starbase Versailles

Civilian Feen (NPC apb Taste)
IFS Lucy


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