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SD242009.20 - "Caught!" - Feen & Fvaiduk & Lizzy Wizzy

Posted on Mon Sep 21st, 2020 @ 1:31am by Civilian Fvaiduk & Civilian Feen
Edited on on Mon Sep 21st, 2020 @ 1:58am

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: SB Versailles

=/= Begin Log =/=

Stepping off of Lucy, Feen sighed she hated this place only thing it had going for it, was free-cover and cheap drinks, Lizzes Bar. Luckily, Feen did some deliveries, mostly obtaining rare and exotic illegal liquors, which eliminated the cover and reduced the cost of the drinks.

Hokk, for whatever reason it was as illegal as Romlan Ale, but the biggest problem was transportation, for whatever reason it didn’t handle warp travel or being in space.

An exotic hack-mod beauty, extremely rare and exotic, “ah Feen, you made it, you had us worried,” Lizzy Wizzy said with a small chuckle before nodding to a beautiful Betazoid, who pulled out a PDD and quickly transferred the funds.

“All done,” Evelyn said watching Feen using her own PDD to check her PDD.

“Good, please stop by Lizzy’s Bar before you leave,” and with that the duo turned and left, with their support staff to move the cargo to their bar. Leaving Feen slightly richer, but still in a very very dangerous situation.

Slow clapping coming from the shadows, “I am impressed, I mean not with your cunning mostly with your pure stupidity, I mean not only for stealing Lucy, but then striking a deal of the century and then turning around and frelling it up so badly, for what a few more slips or maybe bar of GPL?”

Feen spun, but quickly regretted that as her body recoiled and Feen had to double-over, “I truly do not see what Truffault sees in you,” the dapper man said shaking his head. Shaking his head he turned, “let’s go, you have a job, and it’s one you can’t frell it up,” the dapper man added.

{Shit! Frell!} Feen thought as she did really the only thing, follow the most annoyingly arrogant Rihannsu in the known galaxy. “So, you are gonna keep my little side activities from your precious mistress?” Feen asked, knowing she was playing a dangerous game with this man, especially knowing some of his history.

The dapper man just chuckled, “secrets are power, yet at the same time a double-edge sword, so to answer your question, no I am gonna keep your little secret so I can take advantage of it,” the dapper man said simply.

**** Lizzy’s Bar ****

“What do you know of the Syndicate?” He asked as they entered Lizzy’s Bar, and as they sat their individual drinks arrived.

“Enough, I know not to double cross them or to trust any deal you have with them,” Feen said, “prior to this little inconvenience, I was apart of a crew that did jobs for the Syndicate,” Feen added, finding that she was too tired to lie or even try to be tricky. The dapper man listened as he took a sip of his drink.

“So, maybe you are not useless after all,” the dapper man added, before pulling out his own PDD and tapping a few buttons. “That is your job, downside is the goods are on Nimbus III and you’ll be dealing with the Alasho of Nimbus III,” the dapper man said, “but it should be a simple transaction, but like you said never trust the Syndicate,” the dapper man added.

Feen groaned as she downed her drink in one gulp, the Kanar burned going down but she quickly raised her glass for a refill. She pulled her PDD out and looked at what she was picking up, “a bit odd, why this route, especially with your contacts,” Feen said as the waitress filed her tumblr.

“Now where is the fun in that?” The dapper man said, finishing his drink, before standing and walking out, “oh Feen do this right, and maybe just maybe I find a way to…will keep you alive,” he said knowing that Feen knew that Truffault did not tolerate betrays well.

Feen slowly continued to sip her drink as she looked over the inventory that she was picking up, downside was she was going need a small crew, luckily she wouldn’t need help from the dapper man she had her own contacts for this kind of thing.

=/= End Log =/=


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