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SD241809.12 - Joint Plot Log - Everyone - "Here Come The Neighbours"

Posted on Wed Sep 12th, 2018 @ 4:31pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Colonel Kya'shina Tenatha & Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn & Lieutenant Commander Richard Groves & Lieutenant Felix Preston

2,071 words; about a 10 minute read

Mission: Tremor Trouble
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

=^= Main Operations =^=

The General took two steps onto the bridge, and was immediately struck in the face by a flying padd.

For the first few moments, the tone of the room stayed the same. The room was a melange of coloured shoulders, darting every which way in a chaotic bedlam that was one third business, one third community club, and one third frisbee match. Several teams were working on disparate initiatives and projects, and each team was divided between the different parts of the room.

Such as the group working on the power irregularities in the newly-christened "Shanty Town". A guy uploaded some figures to a padd and threw it over to a Bolian monitoring the power grid. Who then cast it across the room to a member of the Operations department, who tossed it over to an Enlisted man. This man tried to run for the lift, eager to get the data to a group monitoring the power flow (in a zone without wireless comms), only to come face-to-face with a General whose eye was beginning to twitch.

"EVERYONE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW!" the CO bellowed between bared teeth, seething over his black eye. His wounded pride over failing to catch the padd wasn't helping matters, and neither was his lack of sleep, nor the fact that his close protection team was bantering behind him, seemingly unaware that he'd even been hit.

The marines behind him were jerked out of their camaraderie by the sudden shouting and swung their rifles to the fore, seeking targets. The first to try and pass the General caught an arm to the chest, belonging to the man he was meant to be protecting.

"Put your rifles down, dammit." Grey commanded, wrestling his volume under control. "And maybe try doing your damn job."

Ignoring the marine's reply, he walked forward into the room and addressed the crowd. "Alright, this is Ops, not a disco. If you have a reason to be here when the fleet arrives, stay. Otherwise, take it somewhere else. And, just, no throwing things anymore. That's an order." he added, rubbing his temple.

Groves stepped out of the turbolift onto the Command Deck, to the sound of the General bellowing across the room. Richard tugged on his sleeve, by pulling down on the gold pipping on the cuff. He made his way towards the central control area, making eye contact with the strange faces around him.

"Sorry for cutting is so fine, had to meet with the Civilian Police Chief. Interesting character. Any one mind if I grab a coffee?" He pointed to the nearest replicator. "Anyone?"

Martin, an engineering officer that Ky'La had left in charge, while she and the ACEO had gone on to speak with the lawyers, was present from the engineering department answered, "Sure Sir, I could use a cup right about now. Commander this console is finally operational. It was misaligned", he said sitting down.

Groves tapped the console, much preferring to use the tactile interface rather than speaking orders out loud. Two metallic mugs appeared with a fizz of the replicator, steam floating from the top. Richard reached in to grab the mugs, flinching at the heat at first and then fully grasping the mugs. He walked back towards the main centre console, passing over the secondary cup.

"Engineer, you might want to add that replicators temperature settings to your maintenance list." He remarked.

Felix was still stood at the entrance to the turbolift, trying to hide a smirk at the shocked look on the engineers face. "I won't use that replicator then..." He said, mainly to him self, but he noticed a few looks from the others near him.

Kya had not been on Starbase Versailles for very long at all, but she'd at least managed to check in briefly with the CO before trying to get herself settled in. She wasn't even sure she was technically, officially, "on duty" yet but there was a meeting and she was here, she was.

Stepping off the turbolift, she made her way forward until she saw the CO and...a group of people she was sure she'd soon learn the name of.

The tall woman in the Marine uniform, with the faintly red skin and the very red eyes, strode forward to join them and greeted everyone with a formal single nod, then simply settled back on her heels to see what was going on.

Martin was busy fixing the replicator and final fixed the bloody thing. "All fixed sir", he said.

Groves shook his head side to side, placing his hand over his face. "I didn't mean right now, fella."

"Alright." the General begrudged, as the sea of people was gradually reduced to a more sensible level. The last group of superfluous personnel (a rather subdued Klingon work team) packed themselves into a turbolift and were carted off to their next job, leaving a relatively small number of recognizable faces.

"So, the fleet should be here any moment now." he announced to the room, aware that he was, in fact, lecturing some of the same people that had told him this. "Several ships have joined the fleet since the last tally, as the first to evacuate scattered, remembered that there's a war on, and promptly latched onto the biggest mess of friendly ships nearby. This means we'll be getting more refugees than planned, but since we figured people were lying about their headcounts anyway, this makes little actual difference to our plans."

"So, how are we with the shanty town? Is everything ready?"

"Ready? No. Not even close." Richard tapped at the console, pulling up a semi-holographic representation of the 'Shanty Town'. With a few more taps, pulsating blue dots appeared representing the border control posts and main access points.

"We have so many people coming, we're tackling boarding in 2 ways" he continued between slurps. "There just aren't enough docking ports available, so we are transporting people in from ships as well. Engineering you're going to have to make sure we don't loose any transporters during this process."

Tapping the console again, it flipped to show the security checkpoints. "The Civillian PD are acting as our border checkpoints, they catalogue everyone who arrives an issue them with a station friendly ID. They'll also provide a 26/7 security presence. My security teams are going to provide additional support and secure key areas within the town as well as exits to the wider station."

The Chief of Security continued to drink his coffee, "We still have a lot of infrastructure to put in place to get this to work."

For the first time, the new Marine commander spoke up. "Is there something that the Marines can help with?" she asked simply. She was not a woman who exuded any lack of confidence, but nor did she make a show of herself. She simply watched, and listened, until she saw a proper opening.

Groves turned his head towards the Colonel, and nodded. "Well, Colonel, if the General agrees, we could use some Marine Personnell to cover some of the more senseitive areas of the Station. The Starfleet Only areas. That way, I can deploy the Security Teams to the Shanty."

"What do you think Sir?" He looked to the Commanding Officer for approval.

"It's a good idea, but you will need to mix some Security officers in with the Marines." said the General, seizing the opportunity for a joint forces exercise. The marine and security departments in his first command had clashed often, each fearing that the other was looking to claim all security and combat duties for themselves. A common goal here might help keep things civil. "A rifle does not a security officer make, after all."

Kya'shina nodded once. "Yes, sir," she said. "I'll see it done." She looked to the security officer. "We can coordinate details after the meeting?"

Martin spoke quickly, "Engineering will keep the transporters working and I am going to try to expedite the transporter time. If successful, we can take the survivors at a faster rate".

Groves had an uncomfortable look on his face, noting to himself that his next comment might not go down well with the 2 ranking Marines in the room. "On the note of utilising Marines ... I'd rather that weren't on policing duties in the Shanty." He turned to face the Lt Colonel, "No offence. But, Marines make even worse police officers than you they make Security officers. I'd rather let the Civilian PD handle internal policing matters, backed up by Starfleet Security. Security and Marines can join up in the other areas."

He looked between the 2 ranking marines for some form of response.

Kya arched a dark brow, but she didn't make any comments about that part of his statement. She had her pride, and she had a temper, but she was stupid. She wouldn't have made it as far as she had without a strategic mindset and the fact was that she was new here, and new to these Marines. She didn't know them yet and wasn't about to promise their good behavior until she had them well in hand. "I am willing to place the Marines wherever they are best suited to the task," she said simply. "Protecting sensitive areas of the station sounds priority for us."

"That being said, sir we should take the station to yellow alert. It would do more for the protection of our own people here. I agree with the Lt. Colonel, all sensitive areas especially med bay, engineering and the transporter areas. We don't know how this will go", Martin stated.

The General opened his mouth to respond to the rather bold precaution, but an Ensign across the room cut him off with a loud proclamation.

"General! Multiple warp signatures inbound!"

"On screen!" the General commanded, turning away from the cluster of officers and facing the large monitor that dominated the room.

At first, only a starfield could be seen; the natural environs of the station. In the distance, sharp eyes would see a twinkling series of flashes; tell-tale signs that ships were dropping out of warp just beyond the security perimeter.

The screen pixelated for a moment as the Ensign changed a few settings, zooming in on the incoming vessels.

The vanguard of this little fleet was a cluster of fighters, shepherded by a pair of Akira-class ships. These plunged onward toward the station, their V-formation expectant of the ships soon to follow them.

The first ship was a small, blue civilian ship, trailing smoke from a flickering nacelle. The next was burned in spots, half of the running lights dead. Then a tight cluster of even smaller craft dropped out of warp, attached to a single, larger craft. At least two had been completely hulled by some sort of large yeild weapon; it was as if the larger ship had worn the lesser craft as some form of bolt-on armour.

More and more ships dropped rapidly out of warp, making the stars flicker and wobble with the rapid series of spacial distortions. First a dozen, then two dozen ships fell to impulse. Some wore the same battle damage as the ones before them, but most were not nearly as bad. It seemed the first few had taken the brunt of whatever trouble they had hit, and tucked in close to the forward guard to avoid more trouble.

By the time the rear guard arrived (another pair of Akira-class ships) the civilian fleet numbered around eighty ships, and a few were truly large. One even looked like a cargo ship, its passengers likely *very* uncomfortable.

Still, the General mused, sitting on the floor between cargo crates sure beat sitting on concrete between the broken pieces of your home.

"Party time. Go." he announced to his people, giving them a nod.

"Aye. Aye General." Groves turned to place his cup back in the replicator, and starting making a bee-line to the Turbolift.

Martin made a fast turn and headed for the Turbolift motioning for Groves to join him in the lift. "Going my way sir?", he asked as he told the lift to head for the main engineering deck.

=^= End of Log =^=

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Commander Richard Groves
Chief of Security

Lieutenant Colonel Kya'shina Tenatha
Marine Commanding Officer

Lieutenant Felix Preston
Assistant Security Officer

Martin (NPC Ky'La)


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