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SD241903.14 - Joint Duty Log - CO & MO - "Ouch"

Posted on Thu Mar 14th, 2019 @ 3:35pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Commander Sarah Jordan

2,023 words; about a 10 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

=^= Medical Centre: Accident & Emergency Department =^=

"Hello. What is the nature of your emergency?" asked one of the triage nurses at the front desk, offering a tired smile to the next patient in line. This one gestured to his arm, which sat in a make-shift sling. It took the nurse's tricorder only a moment to figure out the bone had been shattered by some form of impact.

She gestured for the patient to take a seat and waved for the next one to come over, only to be distracted by a light above the main doors.

The big double-doors behind the crowd swished open, revealing a cluster of marines in a big hurry.

"Clear the way!" barked their leader, stamping her way inside. One by one the patients in the three-abrest queue received a point-blank glare, gently encouraging them to move the hell out of her way. One or two people seemed to be deaf, or unaware of the commotion behind them and had to be physically moved aside.

Behind her, the other marines made their way inside, and those in the know would recognise their movements. Sightlines overlapped, movements were sharp and crisp, and eyes stared out into the crowd as if they were picking out targets.

Their uniforms also spoke volumes. Of the nine marines here, at least two had burn marks across the front of their low-profile armour, streaking up to their burned faces. These were a little less steady on their feet and were supported by the other two in low-profile armour.

Four of the Marines were wearing heavier armour and sported full helmets. These were covered in energy weapon burns and other marks, but the way they moved indicated no injury, though their rifle barrels still glowed a faint red. This included the marine in the lead, whose rank pips were painted onto her armour's collar, and identified her as a Sergeant.

The ninth marine was slightly different. Though also wearing low-profile body armour, his right arm was a bloody mess of burns and shredded fabric. His uniform had been utterly shredded on one side of his body, revealing the edge of the metallic protection that started at his shoulder. Whatever had happened, it seemed the armour had saved his vital organs from the worst of it.

Leaving a small trail of blood across the carpet, this marine came up behind the Sergeant and tapped her on the shoulder with his good hand.

"Hold perimeter and set a guard on the men. Oh, and report this business to the Major," he told her.

"Yes sir," she replied, cutting a salute.

Responding with one of his own, the bloody marine addressed the nearest receptionist at the front desk.

"Hello miss; we have five injured marines, three critical. Could you summon a doctor to join us as soon as possible? I'm afraid blood loss may become a problem in short order." he told her, his eyes slowly glazing over as he spoke.

The receptionist replied, slightly shocked by the horrific sight before her, "Ye... Yes... immediately". The Nurse reached over to a button and immediately comm badge noises were heard, one Doctor answered: "Doctor Jordan, reporting".

The receptionist replied over the comm badge, in a heavily shaky voice whilst stuttering "Doc...tor, we have a situation... We have a few Marines here who seem to be severely injured.." The doctor replied, "I'm on my way, send out a medical broadcast requesting any additional people to come and help..."

Sarah closed the transmission between her and the receptionist, grabbing Medical Tech's on the way to the reception area "Oi! You!" she shouted, "Follow me, NOW!" whilst heavily pacing towards the front desk, starting to break a sweat from all of the adrenal release and mild exercise... This was her second posting and she was feeling the pressure as one of the doctors on shift.

She walked up to the Marines stood before her, ordering her tech's to make beds ready to receive a surplus of new patients. She appropriately triaged the marines and allocated higher priority beds to those in critical condition.

The marine with the savaged arm left a smear of red on the fabric of the bed as a tech stuck some form of painkiller into his neck. He felt the numb agony of his arm fade as the fast-acting substance took effect, and sluggish eyes drifted across the room to mark the doctor giving the orders.

"Morrrrre marrrrrines commming sooooon." he slurred, feeling a loss of sensation in his face as the numbing effect spread. "Not injurrrrred. Guaaaaards."

The Seargeant made her way over the beds, catching the last of the mangled sentence. "Report sent, General. Bravo squad will keep an eye on things until security arrives to take over."

Hearing that the man with the mangled arm was a General (possibly *the* General) the crowd pushed a little closer. Lookie-loos rubber-necked over the heavily armed and armoured marine fire team as they tried to snatch a peek at this high-ranking fellow leaking all over the floor.

As Sarah ordered around the medical technicians to deal with the less critical patients, she addressed the unknown man sat before her with an obvious extensive arm injury. She spoke "Does someone want to explain what's happened here" whilst starting her initial assessments. Sarah activated the bio-bed that the male was laying on and started to scan him with the tri-corder in hand.

The General's eyes drifted away from the doctor as the blood loss started to take its toll. A red puddle would have formed under him if the bed wasn't absorbing the fluid, the smart fibres quietly channeling it into a sealed bag in the base of the bed.

"We were attacked." said the least-damaged marine in light armour, prying a bent piece of metal from around his forearm. "Some freaks with a bomb. General got fragged with shrapnel, and they followed up with small arms. Compressed tetryon beam weapons, and a home-baked particle accelerator pipe." the man rattled off, ignoring the med-tech who was busy scanning him for hidden injuries.

Sarah hurried around and got herself semi-scrubbed up, she took a apron, gloves, facial shield and sleeve protectors. She looked at the Generals arm and shouted for a technician to help her.

"Oi, you come here please", the young medical technician walked over to Sarah and looked as if he was having trouble comprehending who he was standing infront of and what was happening. "Listen here kid, what’s your name?” She asked. He replied “John, Ma’am...”. “Ok John, I need you to focus and help me. He's just another patient, just another officer. Do I make myself clear? You are not to tell ANYONE of this." Sarah asked, sternly.

"Yes ma'am, what can I do to help?" he asked, "Give me.... two seconds..." she said whilst about to remove a piece of shrapnel from the General's arm, "Take these samples and analyse them. Get them to Science Officers to identify what this bomb was. That’s your only task John, take it straight to Science and don’t let anyone stop you!” Sarah barked as John began to make his way over to Science.

Sarah continued, she removed the shrapnel from the wound. She asked “How are you feeling, General?” She carried on. She asked Rey, another med tech, to help her by administering some hyposprays. She shouted over to the tech, “I want Inaprovaline, Tri-ox compound and Kelotane administered as soon as you get the chance, I also want an open bag of fluids running!”, Rey scrambled collecting the equipment needed and started its his assigned duties.

Sarah felt a bit under pressure, she hadn’t stopped for a moment to realise who she was treating, and how her Med Bay had now become like a heavily armed fortress. She wiped her head of sweat before she continued with cleaning up the General’s arm after removing all the shrapnel, she re-evaluated the arm, to see if it was salvageable or not.

John returned a moment later, sprinting around the corner and accellerating through the double doors. He weaved his way through the clustered crowd, and nearly knocked down a small child on crutches. Calling back an apology, the med-tech made his way past the line of armoured marines standing guard, and approached his boss, who was still tending to the General's metal-studded arm.

"Ma-am!" he gasped, struggling to speak while his body screamed for air. " No...chemical...traces. Maybe...maybe some tetanus... from the rust, ma'am."

Sarah looked at the commotion that developed as John rushed through the crowd then focused herself back on to the General. "No radiation, no chemicals, just rust? Gotcha thanks, John. Now get me a good ol' shot of Tetanus ready please"

John got a shot ready and administered it through a hypospray injection into the neck.

Sarah proceeded to remove the remaining shrapnel from the Generals arm, before starting to clean the dried and fresh blood that seeped out from the still open wounds. She grabs a dermal regenerator and slowly closed the wounds that were still open, she delicately closed the wounds on the General's arm one by one until there was only a few that remained, that were small in size.

She placed the General's arm by his side, and activated the bio-bed's regenerative field which focused on his arm. "General, keep your arm still for me... Was there anywhere else affected or?" She asked, whilst starting to examine the rest of his body for any other injuries that may of been missed.

For his part, the General was completely out of it. Between the pain of his injuries and the increasing quantities of medicine flowing into his body, there was not a cogent thought left in his mind. After making goldfish faces for a few seconds while trying to speak , the General finally succumbed and closed his eyes, falling into a deep sleep.

The other marines also seemed to be fading out of it, and the more heavily-armoured ones on guard seemed disinclined to offer their thoughts. It was now down to the medical team to figure out what they could, without the patient to help them out.

Sarah, sighed with a slight smirk as she got no response from the General, "Looks like I'll have to do this the old fashioned way then...", She finished off her survey of the General and read the biobed report, it indicated that there were fractures of the right arm, but as these did not need to be immediately fixed, she noted them down for recovery care to handle.

She read the remainder of the report, noting that all significant wounds had been tendered to and whilst the remainder of the General's wounds were small, they could be dealt with whilst he was in recovery. She thought to herself about how the General was lucky to survive with only an arm injury. She double checked the results as she was in doubt, and amongst her fatigued brain and sweaty hands she realised she had missed something, catastrophic. She hurried back to the General, shouting for the Med Tech to assist her immediately.

They prepped, scrubbed up and gathered around the General to perform immediate surgery to fix a piece of shrapnel that had nicked his aortic by less than 1mm and was causing a slow leak. She cussed, "How did I miss this?!" she asked herself as she performed the life-saving surgery that would hopefully save the General's life, for a second time.

"Gotcha" she said, as she repaired the artery. She finished the surgery and tidied the General up, and gave the Med Tech the nod to take him to Intensive Care. She walked over to the decontamination unit and began cleaning herself up. She took a breath, looked at John who was stood beside her and said "Good work today, you did great." they both smiled as they went back to their routine mundane duties.

=^= End of Log =^=

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer
Starbase Versailles


Dr. Sarah Jordan
Medical Officer
Starbase Versailles


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