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SD241904.01 - Duty Log - MO - "Doctor's rounds"

Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2019 @ 2:03pm by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Commander Sarah Jordan

2,509 words; about a 13 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

Sarah had finished her shift in sick bay and was in her quarters after what was a very busy and tiring day. She was sat on her couch taking a sip of her alcohol-free wine, when her mind wandered back to the patient she had seen to days prior. He was no ordinary patient, not everyone got to treat the General she thought. She tried to push the memory to the back of her thought process however it kept popping back into her mind. She decided to get changed out of her uniform and as she got up, she walked to her cupboards and changed into more personal attire. It was then that she had the idea, and more so made the decision to pay the general a visit to see how he was getting in just a couple of days after his surgery.

She attached her coms. badge and made towards the door, wondering if this was allowed and whether she would be able to even approach him. She thought about it as she walked to the recovery suite where she was met by two tall marines, straight faced and obviously unimpressed.

“Doctor Sarah Jordan, I was the doctor who saw to the general in the other day, I was wondering if I’d be able to see how he is?” She asked, as she awaited a response.

The thick, green armour obscured any hint of body-shape beneath layers of armour plating, and the reflective visors took away any remaining clues that the marines were separate people. They were identical to the last detail; save for the rank insignias painted subtly onto their curved collar-plates. Small enough to avoid notice of officer-spotting-snipers, one was clearly marked as a Corporal, and the other a Sergeant.

The Corporal held out a hand as the doctor approached, calmly yet firmly denying the Lieutenant entry. Meanwhile, the Sergeant held up a scanner and checked the new face against a secure database of known officers. It lit up green a moment later, indicating the Lieutenant was known to the system, and a secondary battery of scans quickly determined she was unarmed as well.

"Sorry Lieutenant." spoke the Sergeant, revealing a distinctly female voice through the suit's external speaker. "You can stay in the area, but only officers who have passed the Romulan Mimic Agent checks will be allowed inside. There's a non-zero chance an Agent could be triggered by the General's face." she added, gripping her weapon a little tighter in case even the word "General" was enough to trigger an Agent's assault.

While the Sargeant dealt with the Lieutenant, movement caught the Corporal's eye. He turned towards the Sergeant and looked behind her, then down.

Behind the Sergeant stood a petite nurse, with long black hair tucked securely under her uniform, and a pair of eyes that were more like sky-blue-orbs. The Corporal watched, bemused, as the nurse curled her right arm around her tummy in a self-reassuring fashion, while the left hand seemed to be plucking at the elbow of the Sergeant's armour; attempting to attract attention without doing anything so assertive as uttering sounds.

"Sergeant." the Corporal stated, nodding to the nurse. "Careful, she's right behind you." he added as the bulky form of the armoured Sergeant turned and nearly clobbered the nurse across the head. The former stopped just in time, while the latter simply lowered her head and flinched without backing away, as if simply accepting the incoming blow.

"What the...don't stand so close. It's dangerous." the Sergeant remarked, her tone annoyed, yet gentle.

"I...I'm sorry." stammered the nurse, keeping her eyes fixed on the floor.

After several seconds of silence, the Sergeant decided to give the conversation a push. "What did you need?"

"I, um, I saw the doctor treat the General earlier, ma'am. She wasn't triggered." the nurse added, her hands firmly held against her sides.

"...Very well. You may enter." the Sergeant decided, addressing her words to the Lieutenant nearby. She thumbed a control on her wrist-band and the door behind the guards slid open.

"Thank-you Sergeant, I know it's tight security so I appreciate your original reluctancy." She said as she walked past the Marines, she placed a smile upon her face to try and approach the nervous and somewhat shy stricken nurse infront of her.

"Thanks a bunch Nurse... I'm sorry, I didn't catch your name?" Sarah walked into the open spaced circular lobby, filled with desks and medical equipment guiding the nurse back in with her. Sarah couldn't help but notice that above each doorway was a signal, red meant it was occupied and green meant it was available, and there were no available recovery rooms.

She looked around and visualised doorways leading off from the lobby each with an identifier, wondering how many patients had suffered in the most recent attack on the General. She stopped for a moment to think about the events of days prior and looked around at each door "Which room is the General in?" Sarah said with a tone of unease "I'd like to see how he is, are you able to tell me anything?"

Briefly overwhelmed by the barrage of questions, the nurse took a breath and tried to answer everything she had just been asked. "My name is Ensign Alyssia Alida, the General is in room four, and I have his case notes here, sir."

At that last comment, the nurse proffered her padd to the Lieutenant, currently set to display the General's medical information.

The medical history was full of incident but seemingly bereft of "why". Being a senior marine often meant being involved in secret missions and the like, resulting in a number of entries that read like a litany of woe, and offered no explanation as to how he had ended up in that sorry state.

In this case, however, the notes were pretty clear. There was an assassination attempt on the General's life in the middle of the promenade, and he was one of the many injured at the scene. Though he was the first to be ferried to medical, due to his position, both sensors and witnesses spelled out a pretty clear picture. A bomb with shrapnel, followed by a tetryon beam attack, mopped up by civilian constables.

"Hmm, he seems to be recovering at a steady pace then, is he awake to talk or do you think I'll not be allowed in?" Sarah asked as she reviewed the PADD infront of her with the General's notes. It showed that he had now had a cast placed on his left arm for the fractures, his right arm was in a half-cast, half bandage due to the wounds to his skin, he would be unconscious due to sedation.

"I...I don't know sir." said the Nurse, "He is asleep now, and the marines won't let people near him. I could ask, sir," she offered, "but they'd probably say no."

"That's fine," replied Sarah as she sat down on the nearest seat to her left. She got herself accustomed to the seat before continuing to read the extensive after-report on the medical care. "I see, he's had to have reconstructive surgery on his arm and I see the emergency aortic repair I did held... That's good to see..." she said as she reflected on one of the worst times of her life. She was worried about having made a wrong decision, it was the General after all... She stood herself up, offering the PADD back to the nurse "I think I'll check up on him again later, or tomorrow?" she asked as the doors of the Medical Recovery Centre opened and a figure entered.

"NURSE!" barked the figure, a male Bolian wearing a Lieutenant Commander's pips. Alyssia scurried over to the man, only to receive a clip across the ear.

"Stupid girl!" the Bolian continued, glaring at the cowering Ensign. "I told you to fetch me the updates on the patients in B7 ward, not waste time flirting with the new blood!"

"I...I wasn't...I..." stammered Alyssia, her face red from humiliation and the stinging blow. She glanced up at the Commander, tried to raise her head enough to look the man in the eye and explain, before cowing down once more. "Yes sir. I'm sorry sir." she whimpered, stroking one of her forearms again.

"And stop that stupid habit. Arms by your sides, back straight, eyes straight ahead, and GET ME THOSE RUDDY REPORTS!" he screamed, knocking the ramrod-straight nurse back on her heels.

Her eyes wide, she scurried off at top speed, leaving a faint pitter-patter of droplets on the floor as she ran.

"And why the ruddy heck are you here?" demanded the Bolian, rounding on the Lieutenant. "This isn't your shift."

"And it's not your right to hit another Star Fleet Officer regardless of rank, yet here you are doing it. I'm here to check up on my patient that I treated in the Emergency Medical Bay the other day. The patient that's alive thank you to my very interventions. But I was just about to see my way out." Sarah looked at the Lt Cmdr stood infront of her, she glared directly into his eyes unfazed by this authoritive demeanour. She continued "B7, The general, is still recovering from an extensive injury. He had an emergency aortic repair performed that would need to be checked soon, he has fractured his left arm which is in a cast and is currently undergoing minor regenerative surgery for the less significant injuries." Sarah continued as she reeled off the history of the General without hesitation. "Lieutenant Commander, I would request you show any nurse in this department the equal respect you would show a Doctor or even someone of your equal." Sarah stood boldly, stepping sideways to be parallel to the Lt Cmdr.

Sarah made note of the incident and wondered whether to report the officer because despite the contact being minimal, it was still contact between two officers.

The Bolian's eye twitched as this petulant chick got all up in his business. His entire body visibly shook as the Lieutenant's critisizm continued, and his entire head darkened to a deep blue as his cheeks billowed in and out with the force of his enraged breathing. The clenched fists at his side creaked under the strain of the rage being brought to bear, and the end of the Lieutenant's speech coincided with a small *crack*, as one of the man's fingers snapped with the sheer force of his grip.

"How DARE Y-" he began, stopping sharply.

The Commander's eyes unfocused a little as he blinked, swaying gently from side to side. One of his hands rose slowly to his head, shivering with unknowable emotions, and the fingertips crept round the back of his head.

"Wha...what just..." he slurred, both arms losing strength and slumping to his side.

With a thud, the Commander fell forwards and hit the ground face-first, the handle of a knife protruding from the back of his head.

"Secondary target." said a small girl in the doorway, holding another knife identical to the one in the Bolian Commander's head. Behind her, four civilians were wrestling the marines to the ground, oblivious to any wounds caused by the trained fighters.

"Secondary target." the girl repeated, running from doorway to doorway. Some of the doorways contained injured marines, but these were left in peace. It seemed she was looking for someone very specific...

Sarah stood there, shocked and motionless as she eyed the girl in front of her. Unsure of what she meant by 'Secondary Target', she activated her Coms. badge as she shouted "Jordan to Security, we have a breach, someone's just assassinated the Assistant Chief Medical Officer and there are people fighting the marines. We need assistance now!", Sarah looked around in a frantic and clueless manner, wondering what she should do...

She scuttled towards the door, as she outstretched her trembling hand she pressed at the keypad on the door hoping to lock out the Recovery bays. "Computer, initiate lockdown of Recovery Center!", she shouted fearing for her life, as she realised the General was possibly the target. "Initiating lock down protocol" replied the calm, monotone and unaware voice of the computer.

She stammered about the Recovery center trying to see if anyone else had been targetted, or if the girl had managed to make it inside towards the General.

The girl in question had sprouted a pair of Romulan ears, and was furiously beating on the forcefield now blocking her access to the General's room. The sound of the lockdown had roused the pair of marines either side of the General, but they were trapped inside the room with him, and could do nothing to restrain the little Romulan girl.

Seeing that there was no way inside, the girl pivoted on the spot, her little eyes glinting dangerously. Raising her knife, she ran towards the Lieutenant whose voice had locked down the ward. The unbroken voice rumbled with a high-pitched growl; an inappropriately comedic soundtrack for the situation.

Sarah looked at the now apparent Romulan before her, realising that she herself had now become the target. She scouted the room quickly for something to use as a weapon in self defense.

She noted a hypospray, a scalpel, a table and a loose stool. As the girl ran towards her Sarah darted towards the stool, swinging it furiously in the direction of the girl in an attempt to render her unconscious. She could be heard panting and shouting at the girl.

The girl lunged, screaming, into the air!

A swing of the stool caught her in the waist and sent the homicidal Romulan girl (who had now completely transformed out of her human guise) flying across the room, and tumbling over the admin desk. A series of crashes and clatters followed, as the various knicks and knacks atop the desk were sent rolling off of the edge, but soon the only sounds from the desk were that of the Romulan girl's unconscious breathing.

Moments later...

*thump thump thump*

The main entrance to the recovery ward shook with the force of repeated blows,

"Marine Sergeant Carter to any staff in the recovery ward." came a voice over the intercom, a breathless hint to the animated voice. "The situation outside has been resolved, and the attackers have been...neutralised. Please open the door!"

Sarah looked mortified at the Romulan on the floor, abruptly awoken from her horrified trance by the knocking on the door. She turned, pressed a button on the side of the door that then allowed the door to open. "Comp... Co... Computer... Release lockdown" she said shakily.

She was met by the marine who entered, she merely pointed to the idle body that lay unconscious on the floor. Sarah took a deep breath and sighed, knowing she was now safe from the attack.

=^= End of Log =^=

Dr. Sarah Jordan
Medical Officer
Starbase Versailles


Nurse Alyssia Alida
Medical Staff
Starbase Versailles


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