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SD241904.13 - Joint Duty Log - CO, CMO, & CEO - "Hip Hip..."

Posted on Sat Apr 13th, 2019 @ 9:09am by Brigadier General Jonathan Grey & Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn & Lieutenant Commander Sarah Jordan

1,714 words; about a 9 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current

=^= Recovery Ward =^=

The lockdown long since lifted, the ward's circle of doors were now unlocked. A nurse with black hair left one of the rooms and scurried over to the central desk with her notes, her footsteps the sole source of noise in the silence that filled the area. Though the violence had stopped, the bloodstain on the carpet remained, and some were still unnerved at the thought of being so close to where one of their own has lost his life.

Even if the ACMO *had* been a jerk.

Crossing the room to her next task, the nurse's eyes glanced briefly at the one set of closed doors here; the ones leading to the General's recovery room. Though identical to the other rooms here, the quartet of heavily-armoured marines outside the door marked this room apart from the others. another four loitered outside the ward, and two more were inside the room itself.

The attack had made a paranoid man even more paranoid, and it was said that the moment he was discharged, the General was liable to go straight back to his hardened office.

Whether the office door would ever open again was anyone's guess.

For now though, he lay behind a normal sickbay door; hardened against disease and rambunctious patients.

"It appears I've had a very eventful rest." the General declared from his sickbed, addressing his Yeoman.

"Yes sir." Lieutenant Rogers replied, consulting his padd briefly.

"All these attacks...are there any signs that Romulan Mimic Agents were behind them?"

"Yes, sir. Two of the attacks show signs of Mimic Agent involvement. The assault on Sickbay, involving Lieutenant Jordan, and the attack on Commander De'Lenn. I believe the Lieutenant is handling the autopsies for the fallen, in both cases."

"Any results?"

"I think she's just wrapping up now, sir."

"Get them in here." commanded the General, wincing as he shifted in the bed. "The Lieutenant and the Commander. I want to know what they saw. I want to know my enemy." he growled. A lot of people were being attacked recently, and he'd be damned if he'd allow that sort of thing on his station.

"Yes sir." the Yeoman replied, tapping his comm badge.

"Lieutenant Rogers to Commander De'Lenn and Lieutenant Jordan. The General would like to speak with you both regarding your recent encounters."

Ky'La was repairing a mess of ODN optical wiring that had burned out when her combadge chirpped with the summons to the infirmary. Passing the work off to Lt. Jamison, Ky'La replied, "Lt. Jordan tell the General I'm on my way. De'Lenn out", she said and headed for the infirmary post haste.

Arriving in the infirmary, Ky'La waited to be admitted by the General's guards.

Inspecting the CEO carefully, the leader of the four heavily-armed marines on the door eventually completed his scans and waved her through. The door hissed open sharply, and even seemed to close quicker too, cutting Ky'La off from the world outside.

"Morning Commander." said the General, looking like death in a hospital gown. "The Lieutenant should be here soon, and then we can begin."

"General, just what in the name of Kahless is going on?", Ky'La said. "You have been looking better. How do you feel sir?", she added.

"Just fine, I, *ah-hack*" coughed the General, hunching his head over and spluttering into a series of choked barks. The nearest marine leaned over as Grey coughed his lungs out into a handy cloth, with some quick tidying afterwards to clear the blood off of the man's chin.

"Thank you, Corporal. As I was saying," the General continued, once the Corporal had stepped back again, "I'm doing fine, Commander. A slight tickle in the throat, perhaps. As for what's going on, I'm hoping the Lieutenant will be by shortly to fill us both in."

Sarah walked into the room, panting and red-faced. She observed the members of the room before blurting out in an out of breath puff "Sorry I'm late General, I've got a sick kid in the Medical Centre and I can't seem to figure out what's going on with her..." she said, she continued "On to why I'm here though" she paused as she produced a nervous chuckle to diffuse any tension that may have developed due to her late arrival, "I've done the reports on the several bodies we've accumulated. We've ran their DNA through the system and it appears all of them have had their DNA genetically mutated. There's no doubt about it." She continued, "However, this is where it gets weird. The two that attacked the Recover centre, these were Romulan mimic agents, without a doubt as they had Romulan DNA alongside DNA of their native species, however the two that attacked weren't", she stopped for a few minutes before continuing to look at the General who was placed on the bed before her, "If I may say sir, you look a lot better now."

She had a PADD in her hand, that she outstretched and offered to the General which contained the full medical report of the suspects. "You'll find everything we have so far here on this PADD." Sarah spoke, with a softer-than-normal voice as she continued on, "Is there anything else you'd like to know, General?".

" never finished what you were saying. What about the ones that attacked me and Jordan? The two that attacked me were my own people!", Ky'La exclaimed, clearly not amused. "The Klingons put my people through the wringer with their damned tests and all were cleared. Whose to say that the possibility of those very same Klingons could have been mimics themselves", she added, raising another question about the validity of those tests.

"Sorry Ky'la, I completely lost myself for a moment there... Everything's been quite the challenge to concentrate on since the incident" she apologetically replied, "The people who attacked you were not Romulan at all, however as I said they both had genetic mutations. Ones which, when triggered, increased the adrenaline levels in the person's body to a heightened amount which then added with the possibility of brainwashing then you have the reason." Sarah paused as she took a breath "They also all show signs of altered brain activity right before their death, which would indicate some sort of particular trigger that released this amount of adrenaline causing a primitive response which we all saw and unless we knew what that trigger was, I don't think that the people that attacked you would have been detected when tested by Klingons as I said, they weren't Romulan."

Silent, the General's eyes flicked back and forth between the officers as they talked. Despite nodding sagely at key moments, a combination of sedatives and his remaining injuries combined to limit his comprehension. The facts were coming thick and fast here; turning the conversation into meaningless noise. He pursed his lips slightly, holding back any questions until he'd had a chance to parse all the information here.

The silence in the room gradually allowed the beleaguered General to process the information he'd been given, his racing thoughts slowed to a rational pace by the rhythmic beeping of the machines behind him. Reaching to the side, one hand grasped an oxygen mask, and he took a slow, deep breath of the enriched air while the concepts before his mind's eye shuffled into a recognisable pattern.

"Doctor," said the General, "based on your analysis, would you say that the 'genetic mutations' shared between the Romulan and non-Romulan attackers were linked?" he asked.

Sarah looked for a moment, she reminisced slightly in her PADD, returning her gaze back to the General that lay before her... "General, I have no doubt what so ever that they were linked, they have the same genetic modifying and same excess amounts of adrenaline in their adrenal cortex," she replied.

"Well, crap." swore the General, taking another drag from his oxygen mask. "Then I need to have a chat with a certain Klingon General asap. Fantastic." he quipped, sarcastically. This had been a long few days for him. For everyone, really. Speaking of which...

"Lieutenant Jordan. From all reports, you've done an outstanding job since arriving at this station, despite the fact that our CMO went on a sudden sabbatical, and the ACMO was....less than proficient with his soft skills. Not," he added, quickly, "that I should speak ill of the deceased. He did his duty, and will be missed by some, I'm sure."

Here the General paused for breath, his 'lecture mode' taking far more wind out of him than he recalled.

"Which, in the end, leaves us with two open spots. Based on your performance this far, and the fact that by all reports you've basically been running the department since your superiors vacated their posts, I see no reason not to continue allowing you to do so."

One marine leaned over, passing the General a box which he, in turn, offered to Sarah.

"I hereby promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all the privilege and responsibility that entails, along with an immediate elevation to the position of Chief Medical Officer of this Starbase."

"Congrats Doc, way to go", Ky'La said smiling and looking at the General. "You earned it!", she added.

Sarah stood, motionless for a while shocked at what she had just heard. A small but gradual smirk appeared on her face as she took a step forward and reached for the small important box. “Th...thank you..” She stuttered.

"You're welcome." said the General. He briefly toyed with the idea of telling her that she wouldn't be thanking him once all the automated systems had processed her promotion. A *lot* of paperwork was queued up on the slot she had just filled, and there was little doubt the stack of padds on her desk would rival the one that had met Grey as a new CO.

But that was a grim thought for later. For now, Sarah had a brand new shiny thing to wear, and nobody was trying to murder them all.

It was a good day.

=^= End of Log =^=

Brigadier General Jonathan Grey
Commanding Officer
Starbase Versailles


Lt. Cmdr. Sarah Jordan
Chief Medical Officer
Starbase Versailes


Lt. Cmdr. Ky'La De'Lenn
Chief Engineering Officer
Versailles Station


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