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SD241902.17 - Joint Duty Log - CO, CEO - "JL Title"

Posted on Thu Mar 7th, 2019 @ 3:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn & Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

1,593 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Versailles
Timeline: Current


=^= Engineering Console G-14 =^=

"Nah mate. Junction N-17's got junk for a sensor. The real fun's in N-18, innit?" remarked Segrid "Seggy" Cliff-Patrick.

"Rrrr. Mmm." grunted her colleague, who towered over most people at eight feet tall. This woman of few words, if she used any at all, was known as Loretta "Lurch" Dion. Her muscles were bigger than most heads, her feet were the size of shovels, and her tiny eyes nursed a perpetually menacing glint in them; promising a spectacularly messy end to anyone who got underfoot.

She was also rather fond of cats. She had eight.

"Crinkle-head's gonna 'ave a fit on my dime if this thing dun' work prop'ly when she's back. Let's go." said Seggy, flicking her fingers to make a distinctive *click*.

"W'k'd." replied Lurch, who lumbered after Seggy towrds the turbolift.

A few moments later, the duo strolled up to another console, much smaller than the one they'd left behind in engineering.

"Aw'ight. Lessee 'ere." said Seggy, cracking her knuckles. As she poked a few commands into the diagnostic array for power junction N-17, Lurch pinched the top of a wall panel and lifted it out of the slot, revealing an intersection of several thick pipes.

"Rrrr!" she remarked, noticing something strange. Lurch nudged Seggy to get her attention, and the latter nearly went sprawling.

"Yo! Dun' go doin' that! Wot!?" she demanded, blowing strands of blonde hair out of her eyes and glaring in the direction Lurch was pointing.

"Oh." she remarked in surprise, all anger forgotten in a moment. "Err, uh. Hmm. We better tell the boss."

J'Loni was busy realigning the dilithium crystal chamber. It would seem that in the process of re-crystalizing the dilithium, some inept fool misaligned the chamber while re-crystalizing the crystals. "I going to have his HEAD", she growled loudly.

"Seggy ta'......Crewman Cliff-Patrick to Commander J'Loni." said the voice over the Commander's comm badge.

The suddenness of her combadge made her drop the tricorder. "Fek'lar!!! What is it now!", she bellowed.

"Sir, we've got a weird thing on power junction N-17." Seggy reported, torn between worrying about her boss' tone, and worrying about the device in front of her. "It's duotronic, maybe 10cm on a side, and it's got lossa li'le wires connecting it ta' the power flow sensor, the control circuit, and the safety chip."

"The safety chip? That could indicate at a given time some one or something can trigger it by bypassing the safeties. You say it has wires connecting it to the power flow sensor and the cont.....Oh My......Kahless.....DON'T touch it!!", J'Loni shouted. What Seggy just described to her sounded like a sleeping bomb. "Seggy keep the area clear, cause if it is what I think it is it could kill dozens and hurt the ship. I am coming to take a look see", she added.

"Yessir." said Seggy, closing the channel. "Awight Lurch, look scary."

At Seggy's direction, her oversized colleague lumbered down the corridor and took up position near the intersection. As a group of people made to pass her into the danger zone, she folded her arms and growled at them. The group swiftly decided to find somewhere else to be, and Seggy grinned.

Ky'La came flying out of the lift, flew past her engineers and stopped short in front of the access opening. Entering the space, she pulled her tricorder out and did a passive scan of the device. It was exactly the same as what was described to her by her people. Carefully attaching several leads to the device, she created a continuous feed of power to the main device before she actually removed the device from its resting place. With the device safely being fed power from a power cell, she bypassed the circuitry that lead to the chip. Scanning the device again she was sure it could be safely removed and placed in stasis until she had a chance to pull it apart. This was something the General needed to know and fast.

Behind her, Seggy and Lurch had frozen the moment the Chief Engineer had arrived. While their boss had concentrated on defusing the device, a complex series of expressions crossed their faces. Their hands dropped to their sides as their eyes became glassy and unfocused.

Finally, as Ky'La finished her work, her subordinates turned to face her; cold and emotionless. Without a word, Lurch grabbed the Commander from behind and tried to restrain her, while Seggy pulled out a hyperspanner and lunged towards Ky'La's head.

Ky'La, taken by surprise, somehow managed to get her arm free and gave Lurch a shot to her ear, making her loosen her grip. Her free hand she tapped her combadge, "De'Lenn to security power junction N17 I need help. Attackers are my two engineers.....", dodging the oncoming Seggy with the hyperspanner. "Seggy, Lurch.....just what in the hell are you doing?", she hollered as both lunged for her again.

"Primary target acquired." was all Seggy said, echoed a beat later by Lurch. She took another swing at the Chief with the spanner and tried to back her quarry against the wall, with Lurch attempting to get a grip on the target's arms. "Primary target acquired." they both repeated, a grim duet with no emotion at all behind it.

Her objective continuing to elude her, Lurch went on the offensive. She clenched her massive hands into fists and shot a punch at the Chief's head, which was narrowly evaded. The punch slammed into the wall behind Ky'La's head, causing the wall panel to buckle around the deep dent.

When the fist was pulled back, shards of bone could be seen poking through the skin, and blood flowed freely from numerous cuts. Despite this, Lurch's face showed no sign of pain, and her mangled hand remained in a fist as she continued to press the attack.

Now Ky'La had to think fast and hard. These two were trying to litetally kill her and for what reason she had no idea but she was slowly forming the answer in her head. The fact that Lurch's fist was mangled and she showed no pain or emotion, and the obvious fact they were both speaking as if they were programmed........"Oh Fek'lar! Mimics! she said outloud. Now she knew and understood just what it was going on. She had to get away and if possible lead them to security if she could. Tapping her combage, " Security, Cmdr. De'Lenn, I have two mimics attacking me would appreciate some help. I will try to lead them to the brig!", she had just got the words out when both females came at her again. Swinging the toolkit at Lurch's head, knocking her backwards, then doing a back swing at Seggy's head, she connected hard knocking her off her feet. Ky'La made for the corridor slowing just enough to see if the pair were in pursuit.

The toolkit had split Lurch's head open just beneath the hairline, causing a curtain of red to spill down across her face. Droplets of blood fell from her eyebrows and got into her eyes, but the stare never faltered, and her words were the same.

"Primary target acquired. Primary target acquired." she repeated, slurring her words as the concussion dulled her senses, causing the behemoth to sway from side to side as she attempted to identify which of the mirror images in her blurred vision were the real chief. She charged at her best guess.

She guessed wrong.

Passing through a mirage caused by the head injury, Lurch collapsed onto the carpet. Shaking arms attempted to push against the floor to lift herself up, but to no avail. Instead, she crawled towards her target, attempting to grab the Chief by the ankles.

The other attacker, however, was face down on the floor. Ky'La's powerful half-klingon fist had knocked the crewman down the corridor to land in a crumpled heap, arms and legs sprawled out to all sides. No movement could be seen in the mess of limbs, nor could any words be heard. While her comrade clumsily attempted to catch their prey, the crewman on the ground lay quite still.

Seggy, it seemed, was out of this fight.

With one down, Lurch was still trying her best to grab her ankles but De'Lenn was quickly stepping out of the flailing arms. Taking the toolkit again, she brought it down again in the middle of Lurch's shoulders hard knocking the breath and hopefully her brain into unconsciousness. Shouting Klingon curses, Ky'la was about to clobber Lurch again when she saw movement in the corridor.

"Commander!" shouted a group of marines, sprinting down the corridor towards her. Two of them skidded to a halt next to the still form of Seggy, keeping their weapons trained on her limp form just in case. The other two marines continued on, and arrived next to the Commander in moments.

"Security...told us you were fighting'am." gasped the head marine; a short man wearing a Corporal's rank pin. He unslung the rifle across his back and pointed the tip at Lurch; whose rampage seemed to have ended after the Chief's last blow.

Ky'La looked at the Corporal, "Well I see you finally got here, Good take this garbage to where ever it is that you take these......these THINGS to and good riddance", she said, glad the whole thing was over.

=^= End of Log =^=

Lt. Cmdr. Ky'La De'Lenn
Chief Engineering Officer
Versailles Station

Crewmen Seggy & Lurch (NPC Grey)
Engineering Crew
Versailles Station


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