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SD241902.07 [Joint Duty Post] "Klingon Inquisition?"

Posted on Thu Feb 7th, 2019 @ 8:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Ky'La De'Lenn & Brigadier General Jonathan Grey

1,519 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: The Sincerest Form of Flattery
Location: Waiting Room
Timeline: Current


Ky'La was adamant about her department undergoing this ridiculous scanning. She had basically demanded to be present during this scanning because she wasn't about to lose any of her people to this paranoia. Ky'La swore she was going to meet with General Bok when her department was cleared. Maybe the good general had not figured that she was not a full Klingon but only a hybrid. If the general had known she was also part betazoid that too might be a reason she would not have to undergo this stunt.

With her staff all here except for the few Klingons who were engineers, the first two engineers were Jonathan and Anthony Vargas, and neither were too happy.

"Boss.....what the devil is this, a Spanish Inquisition?" he asked.

"I guess you could say that but, don't feel bad I have to undergo this stunt as well. Ky'La and I have a date tonight and this is gonna mess that up big time", Jonathan said looking around the large waiting area.

"Ok you two, cut the chatter. This is some serious bull and I need you both back in one piece with your brains intact. Is that understood?", she said looking at both.

In unison, "Yes ma'am", came from them simultaneously.

Now came the wait for this sleigh ride to begin...

...A few minutes later...

"Lieutenant Williams?"

The voice came through the door as it opened, revealing a Nurse in blue. Her long black hair was tucked into a neat bun on the back of her head, from which the tip of a small stylus protruded at a jaunty angle. This was swiftly plucked as her eyes spied the Lieutenant on her padd.

"Are you ready to begin your session?" she asked, stylus poised above the check box on her padd.

Jonathan's eyes widened as he heard his name...."Ky'La.....don't leave me alone in there, you remember what happened....four years ago
...", he said in a hushed tone.

"I remember and I will not leave you to go in there by yourself either", she said softly.

Looking at the nurse, "I am going to accompany him and everyone of my people to make sure nothing goes wrong or happens. I will also make a formal protest to General Bok regarding this proceedure", De'Lenn stated in her own commanding voice. Now looking at Anthony, who was very nervous and quite noticably scared out of his wits, "Relax Anthony, you won't be alone in there, I promise", she said soothingly.

"Oh joy, that's reassuring boss. Thanks a lot!", he squeaked

Looking down at her padd, the nurse bit her bottom lip. "Well, I don't see any reason you shouldn't be in the same room Commander. We will need you to stay at least two meters away from him though, so the Klingon scanners can get a clear reading. Is that ok?"

Looking at the nurse, "Oh don't worry about that, just make sure that exam is only for finding the mimic or sleeper that you're looking for. If for any reason I sense any deception from you or from the ones performing this exam...", she stopped short.

~~~Ky'La, back down sweetheart, you will know if something goes wrong and in a hurry~~~Jonathan projected.

"Yes, you are right Jonathan, I do forget that when it comes to you, but I am like that with all my staff", she said, walking with him into the exam room.

Inside, the room was far smaller than the one they had waited in. To the left of the door sat a man with a padd, who sat up as they entered. Further inside the room were a pair of Klingons; one sat wearing a lab coat and a scar over one eye, and the other stood while packing a rifle. The latter's eyes locked onto Jonathan and followed his every move, while the former didn't look up from a small console.

"Subject E017." growled the lab coated Klingon, gesturing at a chair on the other side of his console. "Take your seat. Observers stay near the door."

"As long as you have to do this ridiculously stupid exam, I will stand just out of the range but, know this, if you overstep your bounds, and anything happens to my almost MATE, I swear by the Sword of Kahless, I WILL kill you where you sit!", Ky'La stated emphatically.

Jonathan's head spun around, "Almost mate? Ky'La are you serious?", he exclaimed.

"You did ask and I just declared it!", she said smiling.

A matching grin spread across the face of the rifle-bearing Klingon, whose weapon still pointed at the floor. Though too professional to take his eyes off of the next subject, he turned his head slightly to address the Klingon scientist.

"There's a fire in this one! If you're not careful, she might challenge you for your lab coat."

"Subject E017, take your seat. Observers stay near the door." the Klingon Scientist repeated, not even deigning to look up from his console.

"Don't worry." assured the Starfleet crewman near the door, an aging Bolian with quick eyes, "If anything is amiss with your friend, he will be surrounded by a forcefield to prevent him from harming others, and a combination of stun fields and neurozine gas will be used to render him unconscious without pain. I think our human friends call this; no muss, no fuss."

Ky'La glared at the Bolian...."Protect who from whom? You better make sure you know targets", she snapped.

"It's not a weapon, ma'am." the Bolian told her, showing her the padd. "It's just a stun system in case...well, in case of a positive match." he added, lamely.

In truth, it was impossible for anyone to know what the results would be if an individual was identified as a Romulan Mimic Agent. The agent might attack those around him/her, or try to damage equipment, trigger an explosion, or even kill themselves to deny intel to the enemy.

In any case, it was best to knock them out quickly and painlessly.

"He needs to sit in the chair, ma'am. We have a lot of people to screen." the Bolian pressed, trying to move things along. Though several interview rooms were working in tandem, this was still going to take days.

"Jonathan, just relax. If anything goes wrong, contact my mind hear?", she said softly.

Jonathan nodded and take a seat in the indicated chair. "Ok let's get this over with!", he said bravely.

"Very good." said the Klingon scientist, finally bothering to raise his eyes from the console display in front of him. He took a moment to blink and assess the subject, and when he did speak it was in disinterested tones.

"My name is Go'Lagh, and I will be your examiner today. You will be given a battery of questions now to determine if you are a Romulan Mimic Agent, regardless of whether or not you believe this to be the case. Respond quickly and honestly to all questions. No personal or classified details will be required. After this, there will be a physical exam. You will not be required to disrobe during any portion. Confirm for the record your comprehension of these facts." the scientist droned, hovering his finger over a button on his console.

"Yes I understand clearly", he said.

Grunting, the scientist pressed a key on his console and brought up the list of questions. Three dozen lines on his console were populated by a randomly chosen battery of questions, designed to exercise specific areas of the brain. Meanwhile, a sensor sprang to life and started to glitter, providing the scientist with a rotating image of the Commander's mental energy patterns for analysis.

"Question 1: You are standing alone in a desert." the scientist began with a sigh, "You look around, and you see a turtle. The turtle is upside down, and cannot right itself. It is suffering, and will die without assistance. You know this, but you do not help the turtle. Why?"

Jonathan looks at the scientist, "Oh you got to be kidding! I am not a sadist. I won't leave a turtle or any animal suffering. What the hell kind of question is that?", he nearly yelled.

The dispassionate scientist watched Jonathan carefully during the outburst, and took a few notes on the console. The energy patterns on display were briefly consulted, but it seemed there was nothing of interest there, so the first question was greyed out, and the scientist moved on.

"Question 2: If a tree falls in an empty forest, does it make a sound?"

"Oh for crying out loud....of course it does!!!", Jonathan said angrily. "How much more of these stupid idiotic questions are there, Ky'La, this is absurd!", he said frustrated.

"Jonathan, just relax my love, it will be over soon", Ky'La said looking at the scientist sternly.

=^= End of Log =^=

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Lt. Cmdr. Ky'La De Lenn
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